A Woman Rejected A Man On Facebook, So He Allegedly Burned Her House Down

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Apparently social media is turning us into programmed, emotionless automatons who respond to Facebook rejections with arson.

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Here’s A Man Admitting He Set This House On Fire To The Local News

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This man calmly admits to setting this house on fire while on live TV, claiming to have a good reason for doing it.


A Woman Named Crispi Tried To Set Fire To Her Ex-Lover’s Apartment Using Bacon


Bacon for arson is a great idea, and an even better band name.


Meet The Oregon Couple Who Tried To Burn Down A Pizza Restaurant With Moonshine

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Haven't we all been in this sort of situation at least once in our lives?


Florida Friday: Man Sets Fire To Neighbor's House, Calls 911, Drinks A Cold Brew

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One of the fun things about living in Florida is watching people react to all of the crazy news that is reported out of this state.


Corgi Friday: This Dog Is An Arsonist

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If any of you were looking for a video of a corgi going berserk, getting into a can of black spray paint, and setting his owners' kitchen on fire while they scream a bunch of cuss words, then HOO BOY do I have some good news for you.


Who Is Going To Save Your Life Now?

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I’m not going to lie to you - it’s a dangerous world.

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