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We Reminisce: The 2007 “We Believe” Warriors Playoff Run


Before 2007, the last time the Warriors had made the playoffs, Chris Webber was a rookie, Tim Hardaway was mesmerizing defenders with his potent between-the-legs/crossover combo, and Chris Mullin was sniping jumpers from long range, sporting his trademark military haircut.


J.R. Smith and Exclusive Kicks Dominate the Best of NBA Twitter and Instagram


Twitter and Instagram have added yet another avenue for basketball fans to connect with the personalities of their favorite NBA, college and high school players.

Mikhail Prokhorov

Avery Johnson Wasn’t The Problem In Brooklyn

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Avery Johnson was fired as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets yesterday, less than one month after winning the NBA's Coach of the Month award.


Brooklyn Nets Dump Coach Avery Johnson

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Well, if you ever needed an example of the NBA being a results-driven league, you have a new one on your hands.

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Breaking: The Brooklyn Nets Have Reportedly Fired Avery Johnson

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Brooklyn is hurting, having lost seven of their last 10 games to fall all the way back to.


Dime Q&A: Joe Johnson Talks About Brooklyn & His Favorite Jordans To Play In


Last week, I got the opportunity to attend Joe Johnson's "Shop with a Jock" event in downtown Brooklyn.

Tyrone Corbin

The Top 10 Candidates For NBA Coach of the Year


There are established patterns to winning NBA Coach of the Year.


Dime Q&A: Bradley Beal Talks Wizards & His Call Of Duty Skills


With the NBA opening up the regular season tomorrow night, teams are gearing up for what is sure to be an exciting season.

Tristan Thompson

Stephen Curry Hurts His Ankle Again; The Lakers Await Superman


There are already inklings from management, trickling out of Bay Area reports, that Steph Curry's rolled right ankle Friday night is not as serious as it looks.

Tom Thibodeau

The 10 NBA Coaches Most Likely To Face Off With Another Coach


The life cycle of Tom Coughlin and Greg Schiano's midfield  feud Sunday over what is proper NFL end-game etiquette is just about over now.


Why Don Nelson Deserved To Be In The Basketball Hall Of Fame


Why is Don Nelson in the Hall of Fame if he never even coached a team to the NBA Finals.

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Avery Johnson On The Nets: “We’re Not A Championship Team”


It's not often that an NBA head coach denounces a likely playoff team so presumptively, but here you have it.

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The Best Battle No One Is Talking About: Scott Machado vs. Kendall Marshall

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The evolution of the point guard has brought us Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook: big, fast, unguardable.

The Experience

Nets Unveil “The Experience” in Brooklyn

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While the current state of the NBA has basketball fans world down, some great things are still happening.

#LeBron James

Why The Nets Are A Perfect Fit For Josh Smith

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Last season there was a lot of hope in New Jersey about the Nets.


The NBA Finals: Best Game 5s Ever

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You don't need me to point out that tonight is the biggest game of the season.


Dime Q&A: Kris Humphries Tells All

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If you would have told me back in '08 that an undersized four named Kris Humphries playing for the Raptors would be producing double-double numbers in 2011 while starting for an NBA franchise, I would've said you're crazy.


Defining Jerry Sloan’s legacy

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A little piece of Utah died today.

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