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Watch This Injured Bear Cub Learn To Walk, Climb, And Give Bear-Kisses

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Blue the bear's caretakers worked with him for two years to get him up and moving.


Watch This Russian Man Feed An Enormous Bear Hanging Out By His Window

By | 8 Comments

A Russian gentleman was filmed by his friends feeding scraps of meat to a huge brown bear, because what else does one do in the Russian wilderness?


The Truth Is Finally Revealed About Bears Being Attracted To Menstruation

By | 2 Comments

So are bears naturally drawn to women who are menstruating or was Brick from 'Anchorman' lying?


After Nine Years Of Calling Them ‘Godless Killing Machines,’ Stephen Colbert Ends His Feud With Bears


Stephen Colbert ends his decade-long feud with bears, nature's "godless killing machines."


Here’s A Bear Fight In The Middle Of A New Jersey Suburb

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Here are two black bears going at it in the middle of a New Jersey suburb.


Here’s Your Most Recent Reminder To Not Feed The Bears At The Zoo

By | 13 Comments

Bears across the globe had a busy weekend being bears and demanding respect.


Watchamania: Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery (2014)

By | 32 Comments

A critical analysis of pro wrestling matches featured in the film 'Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery' (2014). Rooby rooby roo.

bucket bear

A Pennsylvania Bear With A Bucket Stuck On Its Head For An Entire Month Has Been Rescued

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This poor bear had been walking around for over a month with a bucket stuck on its head until a group of good Samaritans took action.


Watch This Mountain Biker’s Incredibly Close Encounter With A Black Bear

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If the biker had been going any faster, things might've gotten BEAR-y bad.


Here’s The Terrifying Robot A Turkish Farmer Jury-Rigged To Electrocute Bears

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We assure you, the title of this post is the least insane thing connected to it.

#Justin Bieber

A Russian Man Was Saved From A Bear Attack By His Justin Bieber Ringtone

By | 5 Comments

A Russian fisherman claimed that he was saved from a bear attack when his 'joke' Justin Bieber ringtone went off.


This Harrowing Video Of A Bear Rescuing A Crow Will Restore Your Faith In Something Something

By | 10 Comments

This bear rescued this bird from the water, and you'll never guess what happened next. (You can probably guess what happened.)


Japan’s Zoo Jeans Is Putting Ferocious Animals To Work Shredding Your Denim

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The folks behind the Mineko Club and Makine Zoo in Japan are auctioning three pairs of jeans that were shredded by lions, tigers and bears.


I’m Bear, And This Is ‘Jackass': Bear Falls Through Skylight Into Party, Steals Cupcakes

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A black bear attempted a daring daylight cupcake robbery by literally crashing a party yesterday.


A Bear Interrupted A Baseball Game In Alaska And A Great Time Was Had By All

By | 6 Comments

Players and fans at an American Legion baseball game in Alaska got a special treat when a cuddly, ol' bear walked by the outfield fence.


Two Runners Had A Terrifying Encounter With A Black Bear On A Remote Trail In Alberta

By | 11 Comments

Watch these two runners come precariously close to getting EATEN BY A BEAR.

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