Let’s Watch These 25 Bear Cubs Chow Down On Some Apples, Shall We?

Summer’s almost over, but there’s still time to light up the barbecue and enjoy the sight of dozens of bears ripping away skin and flesh for sustenance. BRING ON THE POOL PARTY!

No barbecues are required to enjoy the clip tucked above (that was merely a suggestion), which features 25 bear cubs chowing down on apples and doing so while looking all cute and junk. The oddly bewitching clip comes from Canada, where the cubs are living in British Columbia under the care of the Northern Lights Wildlife Society. The organization takes in orphaned bears and apparently does a good job of feeding the animals under their care.

“All of them are orphaned, most of them due to vehicle collisions where the mother was killed, some of them due to shootings,” explained manager/co-founder Angelika Langen to CBC. “There’s always some question with people asking us if that habituates them to apples or humans, but we have not found that the bears we have released have been coming back to apple trees. They also get fish, meat, and other vegetables.”

Whether it’s due their apple-eating prowess or simply their unmistakable charisma, these bear cubs have been a hit online. The Facebook video of this chowdown session has managed to rack up well over 300,000 views since Monday.

(Via CBC)