Watch Johnny Depp Play Guitar In Concert With Marilyn Manson And Ninja

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Johnny Depp is becoming the guitar-playing version of Bill Murray crashing parties. Here's the video of the newest concert he's improved.


The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 6/26/14: Save A Horse, Chide A Cowboy

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This week on Impact Wrestling: Earl! Our new best friend's name is Earl (Sullivan Armstrong)!

kevin bacon

Kevin Bacon Couldn’t Handle Being Average

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Kevin Bacon is such a huge star that he can barely step outside without being mobbed, and for good reason: the man started The Bacon Brothers, the most influential musical act of our time.


The Ides Of March May Be The Handsomest Movie Ever

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The 68th Venice Film Festival begins tomorrow, and the 11-day event will be highlighted by tomorrow’s highly-anticipated premiere of The Ides of March, a political drama starring George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, and a few thousand pairs of moist panties.

ugly people

Dating Website For ‘Beautiful Men And Women’ Purges 30,000 Uglies


Is there anything worse than when ugly people breathe the same rarefied air as the beautiful people.

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