The Bike From 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure' Isn't Worth Nearly As Much As Once Thought

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The person who sold one of the original bikes from 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure' got a hell of a return on the $10,000 he paid just four years ago.

Allow These Celebrities Riding Invisible Bicycles To Pedal Into Your Heart

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Using Photoshop to surgically remove the bikes from underneath cycling celebrities will never not be hilarious.


Record Breaking No-Handed Bike Wheelie


Nikola Bete performs a no-handed bicycle wheelie for an incredible 3 minutes and 20 seconds.


How to Bike Limbo


Famous bike trickster <a href="">Tim Knoll</a> showcases his incredibly impressive limbo move, and explains how he pulls it off.

the homeless

Citi Bikes Now Being Used To Provide Spinning Classes For The Homeless In New York City

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Popular Twitter and YouTube comic The Fat Jew developed a new spin class for the homeless using New York City's new Citi Bike system.


A Florida Craigslist Ad Offers ‘Custom Time Machine’ For $1,000

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A man in Winter Park, Florida posted a Craigslist ad offering a custom time machine for the low, low price of $1,000. And it's definitely not just a bike.


New Kickstarter Project Wants To Put GIFs In Your Bicycle Wheels

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The people at MonkeyLectric are raising funds via Kickstarter to develop their bicycle wheel lights system that allows riders to show off custom GIFs.


Tim Knoll’s Incredibly Creative Bike Tricks


Tim Knoll shows off a series of truly original tricks that are like nothing you've ever seen on a bike before.

‘White Girl Wasted’ Bike Thief Wins The Internet With Best Apology Ever

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Whether you're six years old or sixty, it sucks to get your bike stolen.


Meet The Israeli Artist Who Turns Your Old Bicycle Chains Into Dog Sculptures


Back when I was in college, I used to go to the campus police bicycle auction each semester, partly because I thought it was really f*cked up that they just took random bikes that belonged to random people who may have vanished from the face of the Earth for all we know, and partly because I needed a bike.


Touch These Links And You’ll Know Science


Today's links, featuring a cat playing with a plasma globe, which (according to Michael Scott from 'The Office') is an instant way to learn science. Plus, monkeys on bikes.


Musical Foods, Dog Riding A Bike, And Links

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Meme Watch: Evil Cows Are Udderly Disturbed |<a href="">UPROXX</a>| The 8 TV Actresses Stephen Colbert Managed to Top in the Maxim Hot 100 |<a href="" target="blank">Warming Glow</a>| Six Seasons And We Love You Dan Harmon: The Internet Reacts To Dan Harmon’s Firing |<a href="" target="blank">UPROXX</a>| Stephen A.


Lost And Found: 50 Of The Internet’s Greatest Missing Posters

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Back in the month of October in the year of 2010, my esteemed Uproxxian colleague Chodin delivered us a nice collection of <a href="">Animal-Related Public Postings</a>.


This Bike Has No Chain. Your Move, Hipsters.

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The hipster pet squad is silently judging you, Stringbike.


Tron Light Cycle: Hipster Edition


<a href="">Cyglo Tyre</a>, founded by inventor James Tristram, was awarded the patent for LED bike tires last February and secured funding in April to start production later this year, assuming Disney doesn't slap them with a patent infringement lawsuit right about.



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I think we've already found a use for the It has sensors for speed, direction, and distance, including Bluetooth capability to send the info from the sensors to the rider's cellphone.

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