dawn of the planet of the apes

Weekend Box Office: The Purge 2 Crushed Cameron Diaz’s ‘Sex Tape’

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Despite a C cinemascore and 38% on RottenTomatoes, people still wanted to see another 'Purge' movie more than Cameron Diaz filming a sex tape.


Weekend Box Office: ‘Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes’ Takes $103 Million

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Shockingly, 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' became the top-grossing movie on a weekend in which no other movies were released.

Edge of Tomorrow

Weekend Box Office: $175 Million Alien Movie Destroyed By $12 Million Tween Weepie

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The $175 million-budgeted 'Edge of Tomorrow' got edged out by a $12 million tween weepie.

adam sandler

Weekend Box Office: ‘Blended’ Bombs, Biggest X-Men Opening Ever

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Sad news today, it turns out Adam Sandler may have to start trying harder.


Weekend Box Office: ‘Neighbors’ Earns $85 Million Worldwide, One Of Biggest R-Rated Comedies Ever

By | 29 Comments

'Neighbors' became the third highest-opening non-sequel, non-animated R-rated comedy of all time.


How Will ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Do At The Box Office?

By | 16 Comments

We handicap 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' at the box office.


Weekend Box Office: ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Earned $369 Million Worldwide

By | 55 Comments

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 cost lots of money and made lots of money, money money money.


Weekend Box Office: ‘Captain America’ Finally Taken Down By Kate Upton’s Boobs

By | 44 Comments

Captain America's biceps were finally over powered by Kate Upton's boobs.

box office

‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ Surpasses $100 Million To Become Wes Anderson’s Highest-Grossing Movie

By | 9 Comments

'Grand Budapest Hotel' has now grossed more than $100 million worldwide. Somewhere, a tiny madras sport coat is covered in confetti.


Weekend Box Office: ‘Captain America’ Still On Top, Kevin Costner On The Bottom

By | 52 Comments

Cap2n America stays on top of the box office, while Kevin Costner's football movie draws unfortunate comparisons to 'Leatherheads.'

box office

Get Ready For 'Pacific Rim 2', But Only If It Has 'Something To Say'

By | 14 Comments

'Pacific Rim 2' is coming, and guess which huge movies the Legendary Pictures CEO claims made less money than 'Pacific Rim'.


Box Office Recap: ‘The LEGO Movie’ Spanked This Weekend’s Unoriginal Crapfest

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While Hollywood carted out three remakes for Valentine's Day weekend, 'The LEGO Movie' still reigned supreme with another huge box office performance.

Box office bombs

Box Office Recap: ‘The LEGO Movie’ Is Guaranteed A Ton Of Sequels

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'The LEGO Movie' earned an amazing $69 million in its debut weekend, which is second all-time for February behind 'The Passion of the Christ.'


Weekend Box Office: Zac Efron’s Bro Movie For Chicks Fails To Attract Bros Or Chicks

By | 16 Comments

Zac Efron's R-rated bro movie for tween girls did not set the world on fire, shockingly.


Weekend Box Office: I, Frankenstein Was A Huge Flop

By | 23 Comments

Sure, you probably assumed 'I,Frankenstein' would be a huge flop. But did you know it cost $65 million?


Weekend Box Office: Holy Hell, Ride Along Made $41 Million?

By | 29 Comments

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart's Ride Along could give Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit a lesson in making money off a stale concept.


Weekend Box Office: Lone Survivor Opened A Case Of Butt Whippin

By | 28 Comments

'Lone Survivor' earned $38.5 million over the weekend and would be a huge hit for Universal if they hadn't passed on financing it.


DC Comics Allegedly Sent This Letter Bashing Marvel To A Seventh Grader

By | 16 Comments

A seventh grader allegedly sent this letter to DC Comics, and they allegedly sent this catty reply. Allegedly. The internet is terrible.

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