A Drunk Australian Woman Watched ‘Braveheart’ And Attacked Her Neighbors With A Sword

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While it’s not exactly as light-hearted <a href="" target="_blank">as some topless prostitutes reenacting scenes</a>, a woman on Chevron Island in Australia took Braveheart impressions to a whole new level back in May when she reportedly chased her neighbors around with a sword.


Watch A Recreation Of The Battle Scene From ‘Braveheart’…Starring Two Hookers

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Perhaps inspired by a good old fashioned late-night, self-hate movie marathon binge, the man known as Fat Jew, a.

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A Braveheart TV Show Question Mark

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Considering half of all scripted TV shows are either remakes of old shows and movies and/or hyper-violent historical tales, I suppose a series based on Braveheart was only a matter of time.


Braveheart is coming to TV

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Mel Gibson's mostly historical epic about William Wallace bravely flashing his medieval balls at the stodgy gay English and winning his countrymen's freedom for like 400 years until they decided to sell it back is set to come to TV, according to <a href="|News|LatestNews" target="_blank">Variety</a>.


Jennifer Aniston Is Tim Tebow’s Favorite

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At some point last week, Men’s Health magazine announced that its readers had voted Jennifer Aniston the “Sexiest Woman of All-Time,” and me and my Mila Kunis sock dolls were like, “WHAAAAAA.

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