Benji Madden Already Got Cameron Diaz’s Name Tattooed On Himself

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Benji Madden is SERIOUS about this one, so hopefully this whole marriage thing sticks.


Katy Perry Got A Tattoo To Commemorate The Super Bowl Halftime Show

By | 9 Comments

Katy Perry doesn't scrapbook when she wants to remember something, she gets some ink and that's what she did for the Super Bowl.


Meme Watch: Thanks To Chris Brown, Celebrity Neck Tattoos Are All The Rage

By | 5 Comments

The best images from the "celebrity neck tattoos" meme, in honor of Chris Brown's new Rihanna, but totally not Rihanna ink.


Meet the guy with 82 Julia Roberts tattoos

By | 26 Comments

Meet Milijenko Parserisas Bukovic (that's so weird, MY middle name is Parserisas.

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