Kid Cudi Just Got A New Tattoo On His Skull That Wraps Almost All The Way Around His Head

For the most part, when people get tattoos, they tend to keep them at neck-level or below. It seems that increasingly, though, tattoos on the head or face are becoming more and more commonplace. Kid Cudi is part of the head tattoo club now, as he just revealed.

Cudi shared some photos of his latest piece on Instagram today (March 1). The tattoo is of a flower crown in black ink, and it looks to be about a couple inches tall. The ink doesn’t venture onto Cudi’s forehead, but other than that, it goes all the way around his skull. Per Cudi’s tag in the post’s caption, the tattoo was done by Los Angeles tattoo artist Dr. Woo.

Meanwhile, Cudi recently revealed what he plans for his next couple years to look like. On X (formerly Twitter) a few days ago, he shared the outline, writing, “My next album is already about 80% done, and itll be out in 2026. As always, were takin it someplace new. Just wanted to let yall know, expect an album from me every other year. next year is all about filmin. Got a bunch of stuff I need to get done. Film and tv. So I take a year off of music to do it all.”