NASA Has Found The First Possible Sign Of Life On Mars, And It Smells Like Farts

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NASA has discovered Mars has methane, and the stench of farts is actually a good sign that there's life on the Red Planet.


Scientists Have Found A Crystal That Can Let You Breathe Underwater

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A complex crystal turns out to be the perfect oxygen storage tool, and that's a big deal.


See A Massive Gummy Bear Become A Fireball Through The Wonders Of Chemistry

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The gummy bear fireball gets supersized in Vat 19's "test."


‘Archer’ Went All ‘Breaking Bad’ In A Portion Of Their New ‘Archer Vice’ Title Sequence


Is that the organic synthesis of cocaine in the background of Aisha Tyler's portion of the Archer Vice title sequence?


Creating a Fireball


Adding water to an oil fire is a terrible idea, as most people know.


Geeky Christmas Trees And Afternoon Links


Today's afternoon links, featuring a very Cthulhu and chemistry Christmas, plus a fat cat in Russia who will stare into your very soul.


Science Experiment Gone Wrong


It's always a great sign when your high school chemistry teacher is telling people to move back before the experiment even begins.


Mad Science Friday: HIV Bait And Magma Planets


Burn HIV with lava in this Mad Science Friday.


Fun With Chemistry: How Corrosive Gas Knocked Out a Whole Oil Refinery

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Three weeks ago, workers at Port Arthur, Texas, were fixing the central pipe network of an oil refinery.


Evidence For Mars Having Water Is Piling Up


Back in the day, people used to believe there was life on Mars because they saw canals on the planet through telescopes.

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