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Jackie Chan’s Pot Smoking Son Now Has A Viral Video Game Inspired By His Arrest


A viral online game has popped up following the arrest of Jackie Chan's son Jaycee, making light of his drug bust.


Jackie Chan’s Son Was Arrested During A Drug Crackdown In China

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Jackie Chan's son has done something embarrassing, which is so rare for a child of a celebrity these days.


Robert Downey Jr. Has Released A Statement About Son’s Cocaine Arrest

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"Unfortunately there’s a genetic component to addiction and Indio has likely inherited it."

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Chet Haze just dropped a new video, y’all

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Yo yo yo, word up to Rita Wilson, y'all, our boy Chet Haze just dropped a new single.


The Best of Chet Haze’s Reddit Account (Allegedly)

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If you're not aware, "Chet Haze" is the nom de rap employed by Tom Hanks' second son, Chester, currently a theater-majoring fraternity dude at Northwestern.


The Red Dawn remake trailer will kill all the Koreans

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At long last, we have the trailer for MGM's remake of Red Dawn (directed by Bourne stunt coordinator Dan Bradley and actually shot in 2009), in which we reinvent a tiny hermit nation of starving Stalinists with a persecution complex as a massive invading force to avoid offending the Chinese (who, ironically for a Communist superpower, have too much money to risk alienating).


Sylvester Stallone's son found dead

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It's not exactly the fun/silly/strange news we love to report here, but it happened so you might as well hear about it.

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Accompanied by Darth Vader & Storm Troopers, George Lucas's daughter beats up a 45-year-old woman

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It's not the first time we've covered it, so by now you should know that Amanda Lucas, Star Wars George's 30-year-old daughter (according to legend, he pulled her fully formed out of the pouch under his chin) could probably kick your ass.


Bobby Farrelly’s son died of overdose

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Jesse Farrelly, 20-year-old son of director Bobby Farrelly and nephew of Peter, died this week of an apparent drug overdose in Orange County, CA.


Oh boy, Karate Rich Kid is getting a sequel

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The Jaden Smith/Jackie Chan Karate Kid remake was partially financed by the Chinese government (see: China Film Group Corps) and went on to gross $360 million worldwide, so why wouldn't they want to make another one.


Video: George Lucas’s Daughter Beats Up a Japanese Chick

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(fight starts at 4:30) We've discussed her before, but to refresh your memory, George Lucas's daughter, Amanda, is a jiu-jitsu purple belt training out of Fairtex and Gilbert Melendez's gym here in San Francisco.


Nic Cage’s son’s plan to prove his sanity involves becoming a cage fighter

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This may not be the most movie-related of stories, but whenever a famous actor's son does karate kicks for the paparazzi, FilmDrunk will be there.


Chet Haze show ‘not particularly off the hook’

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Channing Tatum's spiritual doppleganger (and Lost Boys-era Corey Haim's physical doppleganger), Chet Haze performed over the weekend, at a show in Chicago that was "not particularly off the hook" and "only mildly bangin'" according to witnesses (okay, I made that second one up).

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Will Smith and his dumb wiener kids are doing something obnoxious again

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No one in Hollywood makes me want to puke as much as the Smith family (the daughter's named Willow after the dad.


Nic Cage’s son karate kicks personal trainer during argument over food

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I don't know how to say this, folks, because I'm still in shock.


Chet Haze dropped a new track, son

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It must be ladies day here on FilmDrunk, because it seems like I'd barely finished posting Bradley Cooper speaking French when Northwestern University's number one Lizzady's Man (and number two son of Tom Hanks) Chet Haze dropped a new track.


Playboy names Chet Haze “Worst College Rapper”

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Other than being born rich and living a care-free private college life in which family fame and money can fund his every whim, it seems like Chet Haze can't catch a break.


George Lucas’ daughter’s MMA fight cancelled on account of fatness

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Add to the list of reasons you shouldn't be so harsh on George Lucas the fact that his daughter could probably kick your ass.


Will & Jaden Smith team up with M. Night Shyamalan to film my nightmare

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It had been threatened before, but today it's official: America's most obnoxiously over-processed father-son duo, Will and Jaden Smith, are teaming up with America's least-favorite filmmaker, Manny Shyamalan, to make a movie that might finally inspire the populace to rise up en masse and storm Hollywood with torches and pitchforks.

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