Spring Break

A Detroit Radio Show Is Holding A Spring Break Contest To Identify ‘Sluts’ And ‘Virgins’

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Somebody thought it was a good idea to have young women call in to a radio show and have the hosts determine if they're sluts or virgins.


This Creep Posed As A Victoria’s Secret Rep To Get Photos Of College Girls In Their Underwear

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A Iowa City man pretended to work for Victoria's Secret to trick college girls to send him scantily clad photos.


This Duke Sorority Recruitment Video Will Make You Never Want To Join Anything

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This sorority recruitment video made by the Alpha Delta Pis at Duke University might be the most awkward thing you'll see this week.


The University Of Minnesota Is Teaching Female Students How To Have Orgasms Now

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While the University of Toronto is busy throwing massive orgies for its students in swanky water park sex clubs, American colleges are being a little more responsible with the manners in which they promote sex.


Earth Shattering News: College Girls Are Trying To Bed Rich Older Men For Money

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My apologies for the sudden upswing in college stories involving horny coeds, but the masses have been demanding more college news and I am here to deliver.


Women Pole Dancing For Charity? Yes Please

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We’ve made no secret in the past that us gentleman at With Leather are huge supporters of women who believe that pole dancing is a sport.


Germany Knows What College Should Be About

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When you look at the state of colleges and universities in America, the conversation almost always turns to sports.

#Justin Bieber

Morning Links: The Next Big Thing

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With Leather Brock Lesnar Murdering Things - I learned to love him as Paul Heyman's cocky frat supermonster, I learned to love him as a faux-Minnesota Viking and now I must learn to love him again as a guy who systematically does everything I don't like.


Number Of Black Girls In This Video: Zero

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In case you missed it during that weird period when a video goes viral and the person who made it gets butthurt and takes it down, then realizes it is their only shot at ironic fame and puts it back up so they can get on Tosh, please enjoy this video of University of Alabama Panhellenic Association Board combining their awful white teen girl powers to form some Godless approximation of musical Voltron.


Tiger Woods Has A New Girlfriend

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If you’re like me you spend a lot of time concerned about the love lives of the world’s wealthiest professional athletes.

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