M. Night Shyamalan’s Next Movie, ‘The Visit,’ Actually Sounds… Good?

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M. Night Shyamalan is returning to making horror out of things that are actually scary with 'The Visit.'


Dana White Says That Anderson Silva Could Return By The End Of 2014

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On SportsCenter today, UFC President Dana White announced that Anderson Silva could be back way sooner than anyone expected.

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Duke Nukem Is Back, And Going Top-Down

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Duke Nukem will return in... a top-down action RPG. Huh.

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Foo Fighters Made A Commercial For Their Mexico Concerts And It Is Awesome

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After announcing their hiatus in 2012, Foo Fighters are already back with two concert dates in Mexico.

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Vince Offer (The ShamWow Guy) Is Planning His Big Comeback

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With a new kitchen cleaner called "InVinceable," Vince the Shamwow guy is hoping we'll all forget about that whole prostitute mess.


Dave Chappelle’s New Comedy Tour Kicks Off Tomorrow. It Sounds Like He’s Got His Groove Back.

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Dave Chappelle's first official comedy tour in years kicks off Friday in Austin, Texas. Praise Jesus -- Dave is back!


15 Reasons Why The World Is Ready For Rick Moranis To Make A Comeback

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A collection of reasons why the world needs actor Rick Moranis to end his retirement.


Greg Oden Wants To Play In The NBA Again Sooner Rather Than Later


Greg Oden gave a very candid interview to former Ohio State bench warmer and current Grantland college basketball writer Mark Titus earlier this year.


D’Angelo Is Back, Apparently

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As someone who was a bit of a D'Angelo fan before he voluntarily fell off the radar about a decade ago, I feel sort of ashamed for having no idea that he was attempting a comeback until Questlove tweeted links late last night to the two videos from a concert in Paris below.


You Lost.

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Whitney's new album cover*.


“If You A Legend, Then Ren Is An Icon…”

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Get out your Locs and crease up your khakis.

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