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Jay Electronica x San Francisco 8.16.08

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Franchise over at <a href="">Know The Ledge</a> caught the other Jay in concert over the weekend minus, the boos this time.

#Jay Z

The Rock The Bells NYC Report

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Words By Khalid Strickland The deeper I get into this game, the more I doubt that I'm built for journalism.

#Jay Z

The Success Of Black Republicans…

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  Nas & Jay @ RTB <a href="">Via Miss Info</a>.


“We Mean Business” – EPMD. Nokia Theater In NYC. 4.25.08

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Words By Khalid Strickland EPMD's goodwill tour finally touched down at a sold-out Nokia Theater in New York City.


“Still In Business” – EPMD. Columbus, Ohio. 4.22.08

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Photos By <a href="">Peace.Images</a> When I gave word to my little brother that I was going to see EPMD later that evening, he responded with the phrase "What's that.

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