2015 NBA Playoffs

Mark Cuban Ate Some Humble Pie On Twitter Over His Houston Rockets Comments


After a very public potshot at Houston, followed by the Rockets' crushing of the Mavs, it was time for Cuban to own up to his mistake.


Report: DeAndre Jordan Is ‘Eager To Step Into A New Situation’


After the Clippers' implosion against the Rockets, Doc Rivers must shift from coach to GM mode. The Clippers have real depth issues, but their first priority is re-signing prized free agent DeAndre Jordan – and rumors have already begun circulating on the big man's plans for the offseason.


Report: Rajon Rondo, Mavericks Fabricated His Back Injury To Limit Public Scrutiny


Rajon Rondo's disastrous tenure with the Dallas Mavericks is almost officially over. Drama surrounding its fallout, however, is anything but.


Dirk Nowitzki Says He’d Accept A Bench Role, Which Could Be A Coded Call To LaMarcus Aldridge


Dirk says he'll come off the bench, which open up a spot on the floor should they try to acquire LaMarcus Aldridge in free agency.

kevin mchale

Guess What Kevin McHale Whispered In Josh Smith’s Ear After Getting Punched In The Shoulder?


Smoove has been huge for the Rockets, helping them advance past the Dallas Mavericks. Coach McHale had some kind words for him - but what?

Houston Rockets

Rockets Fire Their Social Media Manager After An Insensitive Tweet Goes Viral


In the closing moments of the Houston Rockets' series-clinching win against the Dallas Mavericks, the team's twitter account riled up the internet. The inflammatory tweet lead to the firing of the Rockets social media manager, who then took to twitter to explain his actions.


Rajon Rondo Reportedly Won’t Receive A Playoff Paycheck From The Mavericks

Rajon Rondo won't be receiving playoff pay from the Dallas Mavericks after his flameout with the team


DeAndre Jordan Is Allegedly ‘Extremely Interested In Coming To Dallas’ Next Season

The Dallas Mavericks will reportedly chase DeAndre Jordan this summer, and they may not have to try very hard.


Dirk Nowitzki On Rajon Rondo Trade: ‘We Had To Do It’

The re-loaded Dallas Mavericks appeared anything but as their season ended with a Game 5 loss to the Houston Rockets on Tuesday night.

Houston Rockets

The Rockets Gloated To The Mavs After The Series Win With A Tweet About Euthanasia


Just not a good look, Rockets Twitter. I'm sure everyone will react completely reasonably to this.


James Harden Drives The Lane For Soaring Lefty Throw-Down

Believe it or not, offense comes pretty easy when defenders fall to the floor. Just imagine if Josh Smith were allowed to trip Devin Harris every time he set a ball-screen – James Harden would be cooking constantly!

Al Farouq Aminu

Watch Al-Farouq Aminu Posterize Clint Capela With A Monster Dunk

Rockets-Mavs Game 5 is off to a roaring start in Houston, with the white-hot Al-Farouq Aminu producing the early highlight of the game.


Lakers Owner Jim Buss ‘Not The Believer He Was Earlier In The Season’ When It Comes To Rajon Rondo


Kobe Bryant wants to bring Rajon Rondo to the Lakers, but the front office has grown ambivalent in the wake of his departure from Dallas.


Tyson Chandler Will Play In Game 5 Despite Throwing ‘Punch’ At Dwight Howard

If the Dallas Mavericks are to make history and become the first team ever to win a series after trailing 3-0, Rick Carlisle will need a full complement of healthy players at his disposal.

Ty Lawson

Ty Lawson Says ‘I Wish’ To Fan Suggesting He Play With Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks are in need of a starting point guard, and Ty Lawson wants a change of scenery. Might Mark Cuban be able to acquire the Denver Nuggets star this summer?


What Is Jason Garrett Thinking While He’s Sitting Next To James Harden?

Why is Jason Garrett smiling like that? People don't smile like that in real life.


How Likely Is LaMarcus Aldridge To Leave Portland In Free Agency?

LaMarcus Aldridge occupies an entirely unique place in the game of basketball, full of juxtapositions -- if not contradictions.

#Dwight Howard

Josh Smith Finds Dwight Howard For The Alley-Oop Off The Pick-And-Roll

Josh Smith and Dwight Howard have been feasting on the Mavs' pick-and-roll defense this series. They were at it again tonight on this lob.

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