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The Terminator And Darth Vader Have Better Poll Numbers Than The 2016 Presidential Field


A recent Washington Post poll has found people prefer murderbots and religious zealots to actual Presidential candidates.

#Star Wars

Celebrate The 35th Anniversary Of ‘Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back’ With These Quotes


Relive the greatest cosmic paternity reveal of all time and all the other thrilling moments from 'Empire Strikes Back'

#Star Wars

The Man Behind Darth Vader Apparently Spoiled ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Ending In A Local Paper In 1978


A classic interview in a local California newspaper revealed the main twist in 'The Empire Strikes Back' thanks to Darth Vader himself.


This ‘Creep’ Dad Received Death Threats For Taking A Darth Vader Selfie


Why was this dad creep-shamed for taking an inoffensive selfie?

#Star Wars

LEGOLAND California Used Half A Million LEGO Bricks To Build The Death Star


The new LEGO Death Star is 8 feet wide, 13 feet tall, and weighs in at 1,900 pounds.

#Star Wars

This ‘Star Wars’ / ‘Star Trek’ Mash Up Trailer Is A Nerd’s Dream Come True


Ever wanted to see the USS Enterprise take on a squad of tie fighters before blowing up the Death Star? This fan trailer is for you.

#Star Wars

The Next ‘Star Wars’ Anthology Film Is Rumored To Explore Boba Fett’s Origin Story


The famous Mandalorian warrior will finally be getting his own movie.

#Star Wars

The New ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 2 Trailer Reveals Darth Vader’s Triumphant Return


Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano will show up in season 2 of 'Star Wars Rebels.'

Bank Robbery

Someone Dressed Up Like Darth Vader And Robbed A Credit Union In North Carolina


A 5'5" man who robbed a credit union in North Carolina while dressed as Darth Vader is currently on the run.


Batman Gets His Revenge In This Alternate Version To The Epic ‘Batman vs Darth Vader’ Battle


Thanks to a new, alternate ending to Batman vs Darth Vader, it seems The Dark Knight can indeed win over the dark side of the force.

#Star Wars

Disney Introduces Star Wars Day To Their Cruise Lines. Here Are The Details.

If your idea of fun is to watch the Star Wars prequels while trapped in the middle of the ocean, call your travel agent immediately.


‘Harley Quinn,’ ‘Prometheus,’ ‘Darth Vader,’ And Other Comics of Note, February 11


Harley Quinn takes Batman out on a date in her Valentine's Day special. A review, and a look at the rest of this week's other notable comics.


These Are The Pop Culture And Geeky Christmas Trees We Should Have Made This Year

Check out these 25 geeky and pop culture Christmas trees before some ornery cat comes along and wrecks all of them.

#Star Wars

The Dark Side Of The Force Helped A Young Padawan Propose To His Girlfriend With ‘Star Wars’ LEGO

Student got a little help from Darth Vader in his marriage proposal. I wonder what kind of wedding present the Sith Lord plans to give them?

#Star Wars

The Original Darth Vader Is Looking For A Part In The New ‘Star Wars,’ But There’s One Major Problem


David Prowse played Darth Vader in the first 3 films. He wants a cameo in the new 'Star Wars' film but fears his dementia would be an issue.

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