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Watch Ellen Page And Jessica Alba Declare Their Love At The Star Wars Live Read

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Here's the best moment from last night's star-studded live read of 'Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back'.

dead rising

‘Dead Rising’ Has Quite A Cast


Generally, direct-to-streaming zombie movies don't have Oscar nominees, but 'Dead Rising' is bucking the trend.


‘Dear White People’ Says Your Weed Dealer Doesn’t Count As A Black Friend In This New Trailer

By | 66 Comments

How is 'Dear White People' going to solve racism without a nice white lady? Find out in this new trailer.

sin city 2

The Allstate Guy Will Be Manute In ‘Sin City 2′

By | 11 Comments

Like a good neighbor, he'll beat you senseless! Insurance, Sin City style!


How To Make A Super Bowl Commercial, From The Masters Of Making Sh*tty Things (Updated)

By | 3 Comments

And when all else fails, just reference Star Wars, whether it fits your product or not.


Video: Paul Rudd & Anne Hathaway Audition for ‘Jersey Shore’

By | 12 Comments

Awww, Paul Rudd and Anne Hathaway are just the best.


You People Are Guests in Kevin Costner’s Corn

By | 8 Comments

Funny or Die has a knack for cramming as many celebrities as possible into three minute video, and today they've outdone themselves -- watch in amazement has Ray Liotta, Kevin Costner, Dennis Haysbert, the Were-llama from Twilight and half of professional football bring you a Lockout-flavored sequel to the greatest baseball movie of all time, Field of Dreams.


High-school baseballers sacrifice chicken, Jobu unimpressed

By | 34 Comments

A pair of high-school baseball players were caught MURDERING poor DEFENSELESS BABY CHICKENS in a cruel attempt to improve their batting averages this week, according to reports.

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