Writer’s Room 5: Movies That Messed You Up As A Child

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We've been doing these Writer's Room posts sporadically for a while now, and I hope you enjoy these long reads, because I love putting them together.


Writer’s Room: Scenes We Never Want to See Again

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Do you ever go to the movies and find yourself immersed in a story, when all of a sudden a dumb scene happens and drags you out of your cocoon of fiction by your pant leg.

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Drew Magary’s Unabashed Love For Rum & Diet Coke Will Not Be Deterred By Big Cocktail

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KSK co-founder Drew Magary has a hilarious new book out about being a dad in the 21st century. He was nice enough to answer a few of our questions recently.


Louis C.K. And Big Daddy Drew Magary On Howard Stern’s Show

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Louis C.K. and KSK co-founder Drew Magary were both on Howard Stern's show yesterday. We finally found audio.

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Justin Bieber & Drew Magary Spend A Little Time For GQ Magazine

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Photo: Peggy Sirota Justin Bieber is a subject that 99% of TSS' audience will gloss over (the other assumed 1% probably like him ironically).


We Found The Greatest Comment From A Belieber About Drew Magary’s Justin Bieber Profile For GQ

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned today, it’s this: NEVER do a Facebook or Twitter search for "Justin Bieber.


Latest Frottings: Scre4m, Drew from KSK

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