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Cleveland Puts Ted Williams’ Head Into Cryogenic Freeze

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The Cleveland Cavaliers offered Ted Williams (the other one) an announcing gig when he <a href="">shot to fame with a viral YouTube video</a>, and now that a little bit of time has passed and everyone has forgotten it, they can take it back.


Iowa Does Not Have A Drug Problem

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Iowa’s all-time leading receiver, Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, was arrested last week on four drug-related misdemeanor charges (three serious and one aggravated, according to Iowa drug laws) and since then the Iowa Hawkeyes football program has been crumbling like an eight ball at an ’86 Mets reunion.

drugs are bad

Infamous West Virginia Paint Huffer Enjoys A Day At The Ballpark

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If you're not familiar with the exploits of Patrick Tribett over the past few years, then I'm afraid you're just not living life, my friends.

drugs are bad

Brandon Roy Is Sorry For Something

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Portland Trailblazers star Brandon Roy has issued an apology for his appearance in a new rap video from “artists” Cali and Cavalli for their hit(.

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