An Alabama Man Was Arrested On Drug Charges And Responded, ‘Roll Tide’

The drug task force of Etowah County in Alabama decided to really crack down on dealing this week, as they issued 93 warrants in going after 63 people. According to WIAT news, which had a reporter along for some of the busts, dozens of suspected criminals were arrested during the raids, and more are still being sought. The smarter parties knew to keep their mouths shut when the reporters asked them why they were in cuffs, but one man didn’t care. “I’m innocent,” he said with a nod and a smile, followed by the most serious and honest words on Earth to a true man of Alabama: “Roll Tide.”

And if that’s not great enough, wait until you see his pajama pants around the 1:04 mark. Roll all the damn day and night Tide.

(H/T to SB Nation)