Lamar Odom Is Trying To Kick His Drug Addiction Without Actually Going To Rehab

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One of the stories that we’ve tried to stay away from because of the fact that it’s awful, depressing and overrun with typical tabloid bullsh*t is the meltdown of Lamar Odom and its effect on his marriage to Khloe Kardashian. According to a variety of reports, the former Los Angeles Clippers forward has been battling addiction and substance abuse, while TMZ has declared with confidence that he’s been smoking crack like it’s going out of style.

Meanwhile, Odom’s marriage has been the collateral damage, as the Kardashians have a brand to protect, and that means that every publication from US Weekly to Boy’s Life is running stories about how strong and brave Khloe is. But now TMZ claims that Odom is focused on getting his act together and kicking his addiction because he’s so close to losing what matters most to him… an NBA paycheck.

Sources connected to the troubled BBaller tell TMZ … Lamar believes in what he calls “self-healing” and says he has the willpower to kick his drug habit on his own.

Lamar says he’s done it successfully before and is convinced he can do it again.

Lamar is very mindful of the fact that training camp has just started. Although he wants to save his marriage to Khloe Kardashian, our sources say his motivation for sobriety seems to be more focused on his basketball career. Lamar believes once he’s achieved a level of sobriety, he can re-join a team. (Via TMZ)

I’m not really sure what NBA team is going to want to sign a 33-year old forward who has possibly been addicted to both crack and cocaine within the last year and could be on the verge of one hell of a celebrity divorce. Wait… my carrier pigeon, Franc, just returned home with a message for me… yes, apparently the Brooklyn Nets would sign him. Haha, they’ll sign just about anybody.

But in all seriousness, for as much as I’ve loved making jokes at KHLOMAR’s expense in the past, I really do miss the more innocent times, when the only thing wrong with these two involved the safety of their sex swing.

Lamar and Khloe sex swing

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