An Irish College Student Made This Spectacular ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Parody To Run For School President

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"My name is Tommy Bolger. The year I turned 22, I made 8 euro an hour which really pissed me off..."


David Ortiz Finished Third In The Boston Mayoral Race


While Boston's new mayor-elect is some guy named Marty, city icon David Ortiz finished third in the election.


Gamma Squad Endorses A Presidential Candidate (And Links)


Today's links, featuring two political candidates we can get behind and a cat who's ready to catch a golden snitch.


Obama And Romney Know All Your Dirty Internet Secrets, Thanks Largely To Google & Facebook

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Obama and Romney know everything you've done online. Yes, including that. Even WE know about that. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Obama Loses The Crucial Creed Endorsement

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I'm no political pundit, but my gut tells me this is will make for an incredible momentum shift in the presidential election.

paul ryan

10 'Little Face Mitt' Images Capture What Election 2012 Would Be Like If Mitt Romney Had A Tiny Face

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Imagine how much more enjoyable the 2012 Presidential Election would be if Mitt Romney's face was too small for the rest of his face.


‘Ni**As In Paris’ Is In A French Political Ad, Proving Their Elections Are Cooler Than Ours

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Jay-Z and Kanye’s “Ni**as in Paris” has inspired <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/webculture/2012/02/nias-in-midnight-in-paris-2/">at least</a> two <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/webculture/2012/02/owen-wilson-balls-so-hard-in-nias-in-midnight-in-paris/">different</a> Owen Wilson Midnight in Paris mashups, a <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/music/2012/03/kanye-west-video-game-zone/">video game</a>, an “LOL wut.

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