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'Call Me Brady' Is The Song Of The NFL Summer


Thanks to an endorsement from Justin Bieber and a catchy hook straight out of Disney Channel primetime, 'Canadian Idol' third place finalist Carly Rae Jepsen has the "song of the summer" with Call Me Maybe.


Oklahoma City Thunder Rap Anthem 'Blue And Orange' Not Set To Wiz Khalifa, Amazingly

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When you see a fan made rap playoffs rap anthem titled "color 1 and color 2" you think they're gonna do the same 'Black And Yellow' everyone else does, but I guess Wiz Khalifa is old and busted and Eiffel 65 samples are the new hotness because here's Jesse Pinkman, Skinny Pete and Badger doing their 1999 techno best to rap the Oklahoma City Thunder into the NBA Playoffs.


Metta World Peace’s Elbow Has Its Own Fan Anthem, Apparently

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Normally you'd need one playoff series win or the first three wins in a 6-10 season to get a fan anthem, but in today's world of fast fame and every girl with a webcam thinking she's Ingrid Michaelson we can find a theme song for anything.


Bad Hip-Hop Fan Anthems Are Knocking At Your Door, NHL, Let ‘Em In

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I have a few friends in Philadelphia, and after the Philadelphia Flyers eliminated the Model Franchise Pittsburgh Penguins with a 5-1 victory in Game 6 of their first-round playoff series on Sunday there was (Facebook) talk of a "dynasty".


Set Up A Quarantine: These Poor People Have ‘That Aggie Swag’

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Because nobody learned from UGA's 'The Dawgs Are Comin' For You', here's a bunch of Texas A&M's least coordinated white people doing choreographed dances to a hip-hop anthem about campus locations and semi-national burrito chains in Lawrence Knox's 'Aggie Swag'.


Serengeti's 'Don't Blame Steve' Is Dope, Name Checks Kyle Farnsworth

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Fan songs -- not just the ones people record in their garage, this includes the ones that are professionally produced -- are almost always terrible.


Ring Ring Ring Ring, Hockey Phone

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In the best Raffi-related sports news since Rafael Palmeiro started pointing fingers and ending sentences with 'period', children's singer/entertainer/advocate and Bananaphone patent holder Raffi has recorded 'On Hockey Days'.


Miami Dolphins Fans Have Entered The Song Phase Of Their Peyton Manning Courtship


With NFL free agency set to begin tomorrow, a lot of people believe that a handful of teams qualify for this equation: Mediocre to average 2011 season + Peyton Manning coming off 4th neck surgery = ZOMG SUPER BOWL.


Now Make 'The Last Resort' About The Washington Redskins

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Elaine, could you just not talk for one minute.


Orlando Magic Fans Have Entered The Song Writing Stage

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With All-Star Weekend’s magnificent machete fights behind us, NBA fans can go back to focusing on the only thing that matters: Jeremy Lin.


The Gronk Song: Rob Gronkowski Is Good At Football, Gets Boners


It's time to flush the good will and fan song benefit-of-the-doubt earned by Ashkon's "Niners In Paris" down the toilet, because the worst kind of guy who does things on the Internet (the bald, bearded guy wearing sunglasses on his webcam) has created "The Gronk Song - An Original for Rob Gronkowski".


Congratulations, Soulja Boy, You’re No Longer The Worst Rapper In Georgia

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This is a funny hype song written and produced for UGA by some students: for the students, fans, faculty, and TEAM.

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Amateur Rapper Accidentally Equates World Series Victory To Ejaculation

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According to this video, everything rapper T-Will Da Deal do "Saint Lou", including: Walking Talking Owning clothing Posting homemade World Series anthems to YouTube Calling your homemade World Series YouTube anthems "films" Featuring a plush "rally squirrel" on the track who does that annoying "unh.


Bruins Fans Are Who They Are

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One of the great blessings of my life is that I was a child before digital cameras and a teenager before YouTube.


Oh It’s On Now, Steelers Fans

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On Tuesday, we introduced you to Molly, a young Pittsburgh Steelers fan with a ukulele, a love for the her team, and pretty decent song rewriting skills.

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