Miami Dolphins Fans Have Entered The Song Phase Of Their Peyton Manning Courtship

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With NFL free agency set to begin tomorrow, a lot of people believe that a handful of teams qualify for this equation:

Mediocre to average 2011 season + Peyton Manning coming off 4th neck surgery = ZOMG SUPER BOWL!!!1!

Among those teams have been the Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets, Washington Redskins, Tennessee Titans, San Francisco 49ers, Houston Texans, Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins. And what we know from an outlandish barrage of rumors and reports over the last 5 days is that only the Broncos and Cardinals really have a shot, because Manning hasn’t met with any other teams and he doesn’t want to. (Update: He’ll meet with Tennessee after all. Double Update: This is why the dead period before free agency sucks, because people can just report anything. Manning will meet with the Dolphins.)

That includes the Dolphins, but only because Manning claimed he’s familiar enough with their facilities that he doesn’t need a meeting. And while I think that’s a death rattle for Miami’s chances, that hasn’t stopped Miami’s fans from making one last-ditch, musical effort to sway Manning’s opinion.

In case you have volume control issues or are at work, that’s “My Heart Will Go On” dedicated to the guy who won’t play in Miami, with these lyrics:

Nerves! arm! however you are!

I believe that your career must go on

Matt Moore, we’ll show him the door

And you’ll heal and your career, your career will go on

Audibles at the line

A perfect pass to Hartline

A draw to Regie Bush from shotgun

Luck was why they left you

Why Irsay he cut you

Circumstances so he moved on

Nerves! arm! however you are

We believe that your career should go on

No snow, your beachfront condo

You’ll be here and your career, your career will go on and on

Meanwhile in Denver, the the One Swoosh guys put up yet another pro-Tim Tebow billboard to ask fans to vote for which QB they’d rather have – Manning or Tebow. Hell, just for laughs I hope Tebow wins.

(Video via HuffPo.)

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