McDonald’s Finally Reveals How Their Delicious French Fries Are Made

By | 23 Comments

McDonald's invited Grant Imahara to take us behind-the-scenes and show us how delicious French fries are made.


The Taco Bell Restaurant That Started It All Is In Danger Of Being Demolished

By | 6 Comments

A conservancy group in Downey, California has reached out to Taco Bell for help in saving the fast food chain's very first restaurant.


This Is What A Two-Year Old McDonald’s Cheeseburger Looks Like

By | 9 Comments

It looks an awful lot like a two-minute old McDonald's cheeseburger.


Here’s The Perfect Instagram Account For People Who Enjoy Naked Bodies And Fast Food

By | 5 Comments

Australian photographer Sarah Bahbah has taken the term “food porn” to its literal conclusion.


McDonald’s Is About To Eliminate A Bunch Of Your Favorite Menu Items

By | 37 Comments

A number of Quarter Pounder, Snack Wrap, and Premium Chicken sandwich options will be phased out.


Japan Is Not Lovin’ The Coming Fries Shortage At Its McDonald’s Franchises

By | 3 Comments

The Japanese really love their McFries. Unfortunately, a labor dispute (and their own gluttony) have forced McDonald's to ration supplies.

pizza hut

Pizza Hut Has Determined The Next Step In Pizza Evolution… Doritos Crunchy Crust

By | 16 Comments

In his recent commercials, Papa John Schnatter tells Peyton Manning, “I can’t believe it took me 30 years to put Fritos on a pizza.


Burger King Is Bringing Back The Yumbo With Some Groovy ’70s Advertising

By | 10 Comments

Forty years later, Burger King is bringing back a hot ham and cheese sandwich, because better late than never?


Taco Bell’s New App Is Going To Change The Way We Order Tacos Forever

By | 23 Comments

Thanks to Taco Bell's new iPhone and Android app, customers can order whatever they want with any ingredients from their phones.


South Korea’s KFC ‘Zinger Double Down King’ Is The New Sign Of The Foodpocalypse

By | 23 Comments

Just when you thought the Double Down was enough, KFC in South Korea has introduced the Zinger Double Down King with a hamburger patty.


Austin 3:16 Says America Needs More BBQ

By | 9 Comments

Steve Austin stars in a new Wendy's commercial because PORK and THE 90s and AMERICA.


KFC Japan’s Fried Chicken Keyboard Is The Prize That No Man Should Ever Win

By | 4 Comments

KFC Japan's fans can register to win a keyboard covered in little fried chicken pieces or a mouse that looks like a drumstick.


The Newest Addition To Taco Bell’s Breakfast Arsenal Might Be A Biscuit Taco

By | 6 Comments

The scientists at Taco Bell's test kitchen are currently trying out a biscuit taco to join the popular breakfast menu.


A Very Thorough And Painfully Scientific Review Of Taco Bell’s New Dollar Menu

By | 52 Comments

Taco Bell has rolled out a brand new dollar menu, but is it any good?


Because Fake Mexican Food Isn’t Enough, Two Taco Bells in New York Have Been Giving Customers Fake Money

By | 7 Comments

A lawsuit alleges two Taco Bell locations in New York City have been using counterfeit money.


See If You Can Pinpoint The Exact Moment That Sarah Palin’s Brain Stops Working In This Clip

By | 81 Comments

Sarah Palin has her own subscription based channel and she's currently using it to respond to Elizabeth Warren's commandments, poorly.


Here’s The Single Most Unhealthy Meal You Can Eat At A Fast Food Restaurant

By | 50 Comments

Red Robin finished ahead of McDonald's for the first time: unhealthiest meal.


Wendy’s Just Took A Steaming Dump On Your Favorite ’90s Hard Rock Ballad

By | 43 Comments

Fans of '90s hard rock ballads are decidedly NOT happy about this latest Wendy's commercial.

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