Weekend Box Office: $175 Million Alien Movie Destroyed By $12 Million Tween Weepie

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The $175 million-budgeted 'Edge of Tomorrow' got edged out by a $12 million tween weepie.

Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley Wore A Disguise To A ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Screening

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To avoid being ripped to shreds by a horde of teenage girls with streaked eye makeup, Shailene Woodley apparently wore a disguise to a screening of The Fault In Our Stars, the new hit movie that came together thanks to an unlikely collaboration between cancer and tissues.


Weekend Movie Guide: ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Is Going To Make Your Tears Cry

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'Edge of Tomorrow' looks to excite while 'The Fault in Our Stars' wants to make moviegoers hang themselves from sadness this weekend.

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