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Awesome Dad Plays Oprah: ‘Backyard Roller Coasters For Everyone!’

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Will Pemble built a backyard roller coaster for his son Lyle, and made a website called Coaster Dad to show you how to build your own.


Happy Dinovember: Cool Parents Convince Kids Their Toys Come To Life At Night

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Every November (AKA Dinovember), the Tumas pose their kids' plastic dinosaurs to convince their kids the toys come to life while they sleep.


Cool Dad Adds Superhero Comics To Daughter's Lunchbox To Encourage Her To Eat

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Lars Gronholt has been leaving these funny, single-panel superhero comics called "Lunchbox Enforcers" in his daughter's lunchbox to encourage her to eat.

Roller coaster

Awesome Dad Built A Backyard Roller Coaster For His Daughter

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Super cool dad builds a backyard roller coaster for his daughter with 12-foot tall drop, and we're totally jealous.

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Today In Awesome Parenting: Dad Dresses As Spider-Man, Surprises Kid With Trampoline Park Trip


Cool dad Daniel Garcia re-enacts the Scuba Steve scene in 'Big Daddy' with matching Spider-Man suits and a trampoline park outing.


One of These Kids is Going to Have a Good Life

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"I learned it from watching you, chimp.

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