This Super Bowl Will Be A Very Special Episode Of America’s Favorite Sitcom ‘Growing Pats’

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Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots posted a parody video casting his teammates in a famous '90s sitcom.


Ever Imagined What It Would Look Like If ‘Sid And Nancy’ Had Been More Like ‘Growing Pains’?

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YouTube hero Robert Jones combined 'Sid and Nancy' with the 'Growing Pains' theme song to create a Mashup of the Year candidate.


12 Notable TV Characters Who Were Completely Recast After The Pilot

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A look at how things might have been if the original actors had not been recast in these 12 TV shows.


In Honor Of Brad Pitt’s 50th Birthday, Here Are His 5 Most Embarrassing TV Roles

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A look back at Brad Pitt's early, before-he-was-famous television work.


It’s The ‘Blurred Lines’ And ‘Growing Pains’ Mashup We All Knew Was Coming

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YouTube user 'The Hood Internet' brings us the delightful mashup of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" and the Growing Pains theme song.

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Enjoy 15 Of Your Favorite TV Theme Songs Performed Live By Various Artists

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Live performances of many of your favorite tv theme songs in different genres and styles from a varied set of musicians.


Gasp! TV Stars Sometimes Say Stupid Things About Politics

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I don't want to get too political here, because you guys have a tendency to act civil in the comments when we talk politics, and civility has no place on the Internet.

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Here’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Credits with ‘Growing Pains’ Theme Because God Loves You


When you think of "The Walking Dead," you think of a grim, end-of-days planet with grim characters walking through a grim landscape trying to hold out just long enough to outlast the walkers and hopefully, one day, God willing, rebuild and repopulate the Earth.


‘Growing Pains’ Tracey Gold to Star in Greatest Movie Ever Made

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If you aren't familiar with the profoundly dumb but exhilaratingly awesome SyFy original movies -- like Dinocroc vs.


Leo Loves Himself Some Vuvuzela

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<a href="http://celebslam.celebuzz.com/2010/07/leonardo-dicaprio-world-cup.php?bfm_index=10&bfm_page=0">img</a> Vuvuzela fevor is at an all time high as the World Cup prepares for its final game on Sunday.



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Andrew Koenig, known before this week as the guy who played Boner Stabone on "Growing Pains," was found dead in a Vancouver park yesterday, <a href="http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/friends-find-growing-pains-actor-andrew-koenigs-body/story?id=9948013" target="_blank">the result of suicide</a>.



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Andrew Koenig, most famous for his role as Richard "Boner" Stabone on "Growing Pains," has gone missing in Vancouver.

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