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Chris Pratt Said A Few Words About The Possibility Of Playing ‘Indiana Jones’

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Chris Pratt has been rumored to be in everything lately, but he's taking the 'Indiana Jones' rumor seriously enough to comment on it.


Meet The Soft Exosuit That Might Help The Elderly Walk Again

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This military device might allow the elderly more freedom of movement, or even to ditch the walker for good.


A Cure For Type I Diabetes Is Just A Few Human Trials Away

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Type I diabetes is a serious medical problem affecting millions. And we are tantalizingly close to a cure.


Oh, Great, Harvard Is Building A Fleshy Robotic Facehugger

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Roboticists have taken a break from building Terminators to construct another nightmare from the '80s instead.


To Do List: Stock Up Doomsday Bunker With Aerosol Cake Batter

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Two Harvard students have invented something completely necessary for the world: microwavable cake batter in a spray can.


Mindy Kaling Provided Comedic Relief With Her Harvard Law Commencement Speech

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Mindy Kaling spoke at today's Harvard Law graduation ceremony, and she offered advice on life and a joke about Justin Bieber.


The Sad, Lonely And Ridiculously Valuable Story Of A Championship Ring

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At least a dozen championship rings went up for sale today on an auction website, each one likely with a story as sad as some others from previous years.


Here’s Your Chance To Attend Harvard And Be Paid $170,000 For It

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A mysterious Craigslist ad in Pittsburgh is offering one man the chance to earn $170,000 to attend and graduate from Harvard... as someone else.


Kanye West Gave A Guest Lecture At Harvard Over The Weekend

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Kanye West had some inspiring words for Harvard students.


Stupid New Study: Bacon Lowers The Quality Of Your Sperm

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A new study from a team of researchers at Harvard suggests that processed meats like bacon lower the quality of sperm in men.

#Star Wars

Someone Invented The Lightsaber…Sort Of

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Scientists at MIT and Harvard have found a way to bind photons together to make something that behaves "almost exactly like" the lightsaber from Star Wars.


A Harvard Mom On Craigslist Wants To Buy A Car For Any Woman Who Will Take Her Son’s Virginity

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Remember that time your mom tried to give away your virginity on Craigslist? Ohhhh mom.


People May Soon Be Able To Power Their Entire Homes Thanks To Soccer


In a time when popular culture is dominated by a bird-chested pop singer trying to kill himself in his Lambo and a sex tape star’s bastard child, it’s nice to know that there are still people in the so-called “Me Me Me Generation” who are out there using their brains for more than just porn storage.


Alex Karras Versus George Plimpton. Who Ya Got?

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Writing about Alex Karras in today's Sports On TV: Archer's 15 Greatest Sports Moments sent me down a YouTube rabbit hole, and I cannot believe what I found.


Wichita State Shocks Gonzaga; Memphis Grizzlies Lose Their Most Important Player


Despite the fact that they were the top seed in the weakest region of the NCAA Tournament, you could pretty much guess that Gonzaga was going to be the first No.


Mark Cuban Thinks O.J. Mayo Can Be A Star; LeBron & Kevin Durant Train Together


It's protocol for a team's brass to anoint a new acquisition with all sorts of titles: He has untapped potential.

Norfolk State

Dime Q&A: Kyle O’Quinn And Keith Wright Discuss The NBA Draft Process


The NBA draft process is a once in a lifetime experience for those who go through it.


Harvard & MIT To Put Classes Online For Free


Have you always wanted to go to Harvard or MIT but were too dumb or too poor -- or both -- to get in.

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