Yoenis Cespedes Won The Home Run Derby And Everyone Had A Great Time

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Oakland Athletics slugger Yoenis Cespedes isn't actually playing in the Major League Baseball All-Star Game tonight because he wasn't voted in by fans or players.


With Leather’s Watch This: Some Pro Golfers Tried The Happy Gilmore Tee Shot

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I’ve always thought that the PGA should host a sort of an all-star event each year, perhaps after the first two majors have been played, and just have a weekend for the world’s top players to get together and compete at a bunch of different, unique events, like the NBA Skills Challenge but for golf.


The Reading Phillies Crazy Obstacle Course Home Run Derby Actually Happened

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Back in January, we shared with you a video introducing Minor League Baseball's best (and possibly worst) idea ever: a Baseballtown All-Star Home Run Derby organized by the Reading Phillies to include a points-based obstacle course in the outfield, a party for fans in the infield dirt while the home run derby was happening and a jazz musician squatting and playing rockin' acoustic guitar in front of home plate.


For Absolutely No Reason, Here's John Kruk Eating Ribs In Slow Motion

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The Big Lead has done a lot for the online sports blogging community, but its finest work may be this clip of John Kruk eating ribs during last night's Home Run Derby.


MLB Style Guide: Everything You Should Care About From The 2012 Home Run Derby

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The 2012 MLB Home Run Derby took place last night in Kansas City's Kauffman Stadium (the one with the fountains), and if you were like most people you had a passing interest, got bored, then spent a little time on Twitter trying to make Chris Berman's incessant "BECK BECK BECK BECK BECK" thing funny.


The Reading Phillies Will Entertain, Possibly Kill You With Their New Home Run Derby

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It's not really fair to say that a Minor League Baseball team with a performing, five-member mascot band and a hot dog vendor who is half ostrich has "lost" their mind, but it's safe to say the Reading Phillies have been consistently out of it for years and the Baseballtown All-Star Home Run Derby is the next harrowing step of their descent into madness.


NL All-Stars Look To Stop Sucking

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According to many people in the sports media and mostly Boston Red Sox fans, David "Big Papi" Ortiz is "back.



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MLB had their Home Run Derby last night, and unless you were one of the Boys and Girls Clubs getting a piece of that giant check on display at the end, it was absolutely pointless.



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The Rangers' Great Druggy Hambino Josh Hamilton stole the show even if he didn't win it last night during the Home Run Derby, launching a record 28 [homespun term for home run]s in the opening round though ultimately coming up short in the finals against Justin Morneau.

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