Conan Gray’s Rendition Of The National Anthem At The 2022 Home Run Derby Inspired Mixed Reactions

Conan Gray, who just recently dropped his highly anticipated album Superache, was invited to sing the National Anthem on Monday night, at the Home Run Derby. His performance was not conventionally perfect, and he definitely added some of his own flair to it. Twitter, though, is exploding with takes, as always.

Sports fans, by and large, were the ones taking digs at the singer, with one writing, “Ooooof. I’m guessing whoever Conan Gray is, his ‘multi-platinum’ career has had a LOT of help from Autotune…” Others are claiming that it’s even worse than Fergie’s notorious 2018 rendition

Gray’s fans, though, came to his defense. One made a thread sharing videos from his shows and wrote, “to all of you annoying sports fans out there , conan gray in fact CAN sing . the national anthem just didn’t really suit his voice that’s all there is to this debate.”

The pop star doesn’t have much to worry about. Aside from having a loving, devoted fanbase and a successful LP out, he received the Taylor Swift approval stamp earlier this year when she posted his music on social media. “I also teared up,” Conan admitted about the moment. “It was a unanimous tear up.”

Watch Gray’s performance of the National Anthem above.