‘Rambo: The Video Game’ Looks Like The Arcade Game We Never Got In New Gameplay Footage

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'Rambo: The Video Game' is not fated to be a classic. But new gameplay footage indicates it might at least be entertaining.


Aspiring Pro Wrestler Claims That She’s Always Been Too Beautiful

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“People will stare at me no matter what, and it’s the most irritating thing in the world.

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And The Award For Worst Yearbook Mistake Goes To… ‘Home Run Hitler’

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In a yearbook ad taken out by his family, a boy was mistakenly labeled as their "Home Run Hitler" instead of the intended "Home Run Hitter".

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REMINDER: Convicted Serial Killer Rodney Alcala Was Once The Winning Bachelor On 'The Dating Game'

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Convicted California serial killer Rodney Alcala, who was once a winning contestant on "The Dating Game," was sentenced to an additional 25 years today for two New York murders.

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Your Dumb Nontroversy of the Day: Saga’s Breastfeeding Cover

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Before we lay out this ridiculousness, we've really got to ask: does anybody actually find babies eating erotic.


Awwww, That’s Sweet

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Last night on ABC's "World News Now," anchor Dan Kloeffler was reporting how actor <a href="" target="_blank">Zachary Quinto came out of the closet</a> in a magazine interview.


Breaking News: Zachary Quinto Is Gay

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Believe me, I was just as surprised as you to learn that Zachary Quinto of "Heroes" and "24" (and of course Spock from the Star Trek reboot) <a href="" target="_blank">came out of the closet</a>.


Naked Man Found Dead in Hot Tub with TV Weatherman After Gay S&M Drug Party

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My father always told me, "Son, any time you wake up next to a dead man who's wearing nothing but a dog collar, you're either in a North Vietnamese prison camp or you threw one helluva party.



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I have to give it up to Fanhouse's Ariel Helwani for getting time with boxing promotion legend Bob Arum.

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I've spent most of my morning so far trying to come up with reasons these photos of Titans quarterback Vince Young aren't gay.

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