Meet ‘I,’ The Indian Werewolf/Transformer/Angel Movie You Now Need To See

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Seriously, watch this trailer and tell us you don't now desperately want to see this movie.


Holy Sh*t: Watch This Driver Completely Lose It In A Fight Over A Mall Parking Spot

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SPOILER ALERT: How this driver handles an argument over a parking spot is not the best way of dealing with your anger.


If You’ve Got A Few Hundred Dollars Laying Around, You Could Attend The Lena Dunham Book Tour

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If you are desperate to see Lena Dunham's sold out book tour, some fine folks on Craigslist are selling theirs...for the right price.


‘Realistic Garfield’ Gazes Into The Abyss Of Jon’s Harrowing Insanity

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Garfield's diet may actually be the least of Jon's problems in the 'Realistic Garfield' sketch from 'The Pete Holmes Show'.


Riding A Jet Luge At 300 MPH Will Surely End Well

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So the Jet Luge is a thing that exists, and somebody is going to try and ride it at 300 mph.


Coffee Maker Cooking Is A Thing Now According To The Internet

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From the makers of dishwasher cooking comes coffee maker cooking. The newest kitchen craze sweeping the nation.


Wikipedia Fanatic Commissions A Jimmy Wales Penis-Painting, Because Wikipedia Fanatics Are F-ing Weird

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Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, has been painted with a Johnson because he thinks you shouldn't upload dick pics to Wikipedia. Seriously.

twinbeard studios

Frog Fractions: Edutainment Gone Very, Very Wrong

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Frog Fractions points out just how strange edutainment games really were.

#Star Wars

And Now, Luke Getting A Shoulder Massage From Jesus

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And even more Jesus/Star Wars mashups, because hey. It's Friday.


Switzerland’s Pro-Piracy Stance Means It’s On A Congressional Watchlist

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Switzerland is now officially a "bad country" according to Congress because it isn't saying what Hollywood wants to hear.

the misfits

Danzig Nearly Kicked The Crap Out Of A Photographer At Bonnaroo


There are few things in life I enjoy more than a good Danzig story.

#video games

New Red Band Lollipop Chainsaw Trailer Decapitates For Love


Lollipop Chainsaw is a game about a zombie-hunting cheerleader for the San Romero Knights [we see what you did there, game] whose boyfriend is a disembodied head.

suda 51

Have a “Lollipop Chainsaw” To End The Workday


The more we see, the more this game looks like a total train wreck, and a kinda glorious one.

#video games

Is “Lollipop Chainsaw” The Buffy Game We’ve Always Wanted?


I don't know who had the insane idea to put James Gunn and Suda 51 in the same room, let alone have them make a game together, but they are madmen.

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