These ‘Breaking Bad’ 2012 Election Posters Are Something We Can All Get Behind

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From "Gatorade Me, B*tch" to "Yeah B*tch, Magnets," I can get behind all Jesse Pinkman platforms.


Coolest Parents Ever Dress Their Kids As Walter White And Jesse Pinkman

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It's a much better idea than the original plan of Badger and Skinny Pete.


Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul Was Breaking Hearts In This High School Yearbook Photo

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Aaron Paul (AKA Jesse Pinkman from 'Breaking Bad') was looking adorably dorky/grunge in his high school yearbook photo.


The Jesse Pinkman Dinner Scene Gets A Much Deserved 'Seinfeld'-esque Spin-Off

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It's funny because it paints everyday observations in a humorous light, you see.


Aaron Paul Played A Bullied High School Kid In A 2002 KoRn Video


Wow, the "pre-Breaking Bad TV appearances of Aaron Paul" game is becoming fun -- someone on Twitter just pointed out that, in addition to being a contestant on The Price Is Right, Jesse Pinkman also starred in a 2002 KoRn video.


The Jesse Pinkman Guide To Identifying B*tches


No one can spot a bitch quite like Jesse Pinkman can. With this helpful, illustrated guide, you'll be able to as well.


The Best Of #Jesse Pinkman

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Yeah Mr. White! Yeah Internet! If you're like me every time you come across the word "b*tch" your brain automatically adjusts so you hear it in Jesse Pinkman's voice, so now that the Breaking Bad Season 5 countdown is fully on Aaron Paul's iconic character is finally getting the much deserved "Best of #" treatment.


Jesse Pinkman Was Hooked On Corn Pops Long Before Meth

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About an hour ago I ran across the above GIF of Aaron Paul, aka Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman, eating a bowl of Corn Pops on Tumblr and I spent -- no BS -- a solid five minutes just staring at it and cracking the f*ck up.


Walter White And Jesse Pinkman 'Strongly Suggest' You Vote Maxwell For Student Body President


File this one in that thick ass folder labeled: "Bryan Cranston is awesome.

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