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The Internet Reacts To The ‘Law & Order’ GamerGate Episode

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'Law & Order' tackles GamerGate and, well, it goes how you'd expect.

Law & Order: SVU

‘Law And Order: SVU’ Is Ripping #GamerGate Straight From The Headlines

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Yes, there will be a GamerGate-themed episode of 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.'

Law & Order: SVU

What’s On Tonight: ‘SVU’ Is Doing An Episode About An Elevator Fight, Obviously

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It more surprisingly that it took them until Episode 2 of the new season, honestly.


NBC Is The Proud Owner Of Websites Like LuvInABarnyard.org And Crotcheteria.com

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It turns out NBC has to register all the creepy URLs they use on "Law & Order: SVU." This is hilarious.


Questlove Will Die Soon*

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Don't worry. He won't be dead for long.


What’s On Tonight: After 20 Years On Multiple TV Shows, John Munch Retires On ‘SVU’

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Plus, the Goth Kids return to "South Park." Wednesdays are really good TV nights.


What's On Tonight: 'SVU' Covers Trayvon Martin, Paula Deen, And Stop-And-Frisk. In One Episode.

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The best (and worst) of tonight's listings, including a potential disaster of an "SVU" episode, the finale of "The Bridge," and lots and lots of comedy.


What’s On Tonight: 2 Chainz Is Guest Starring On ‘SVU’

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The best (and worst) of tonight's listings, including 2 Chainz on "SVU" for some reason.


What’s On Tonight: Mike Tyson Guest Starring On ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Is A Thing That Is Happening

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The best and worst of tonight's TV listings, including Mike Tyson playing a convicted murdered on "Law & Order: SVU."


What’s On Tonight: ‘SVU’ Hits A Milestone, The World Series Begins, And Everyone Does Halloween Things

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The best and worst of tonight's TV listings, featuring the World Series, the 300th "SVU," and a whole bunch of Halloween episodes.

Law & Order: SVU

25 Actors Who Were on 'Law & Order' Before You Knew Who They Were

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A glimpse at what 25 before they were famous actors looked like on 'Law & Order,' before they got old, got fat, got a nose job, or hit puberty.

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What’s On Tonight: A Fat Kid on a Rope

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South Park (Comedy Central) - The boys go zip-lining.


Coco’s Coming To Law & Order: SVU


"It's a family affair on "Law & Order: SVU" when Ice-T's wife and reality co-star, Coco Austin, returns to the series Wednesday.


Thanksgiving Thread: What Terrible Shows Will Your Family Discuss at the Dinner Table?

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All things considered, the older members of my family have pretty decent TV-watching habits.


Carmelo Anthony & Chris Bosh On Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


We told you in August that Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh would be making a guest appearance on an upcoming episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and last night that episode aired.

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7.22 The Cooler

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Laura Bentley Lockout This: 10 Awesome Sports That Could Replace The NBA [With Leather] Michael Jackson's Jacket to Go on World Tour [Spinner] Top 10 "Entourage" Babes [Ask Men] Two Men Arrested For Pretending To Be Arrested [Vibe] S'mores & Why They're Awful [Slate] 5 Comics [...].

Law & Order: SVU

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Drinking Game

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There's an absence of interesting TV news today, and I absolutely refuse to write about the Comic-Con schedule (OMG.

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