These Runaway Llamas Took Over Twitter And Nearly Broke The Internet

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These two runaway llamas captured the heart of a nation and took over Twitter for the better part of a day.


There Was A Llama Loose On The Campus Of A Colorado College Yesterday

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Students at Trinidad State Junior College in Colorado were probably pretty surprised to see a llama running around campus.

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European News: A Million Norwegians Watched A Show About Knitting And Drunk French Dudes Stole A Circus Llama

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Checking in with Europe: A show about knitting got Super Bowl-esque number in Norway, and a bunch of drunk French guys kidnapped a circus llama.

#arrested development

Morning Links With Denim Hot Pants

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You call them jean boxer briefs; I call them hot pants.


Marmaduke ups the ante on animals with sunglasses

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Marmaduke has a new poster out, and as you can see, it's a shot across the bow of all other family comedies.

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