Samuel L. Jackson

About The Time Samuel L. Jackson Took Martin Luther King, Sr. Hostage During A Protest

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Ironically, he also served as an usher at the funeral of Martin Luther King, Jr.


Damn! Martin Luther King Just Got Punched In The Face In The Trailer For ‘Selma’

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I actually gasped when MLK got punched in this trailer. Sh*t was f*cked up.


Here Are The Dumbest Things Brands Have Tweeted Today To ‘Honor’ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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A roundup of the very worst things tweeted by brands and corporations on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2014.

That Made No Sense

Bill Simmons: Memphis Fans Get Down On Their Team Because Martin Luther King Was Shot There

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Bill Simmons made an incredible leap in logic by saying Memphis fans gets down about their sports teams because of MLK assassination.


Harry Belafonte & Martin Luther King Share A Laugh

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Photo: VBG Martin Luther King and Harry Belafonte - for lack of a better term - were rockstars during the 1950s and '60s.

#Star Wars

Acrobatic Dog And Links


The Best Of #Sterling Archer Kicks Off UPROXX Archer Week |UPROXX| The With Leather Discussion: Has Anyone Ever Climbed The Ladder Like Stacy Keibler.


Important Messages, Cat Barking Like A Dog, And Links


  There's still time to enter the giveaway for Green Lantern Collectible MIMOBOT USB Drives [GammaSquad] Meme Watch: The Best Of Hipster Edits [Uproxx] Jack Donaghy For Mayor And The Best Of Fictional Character Political Posters [Uproxx] On X-Men, Race Relations & The Elephant [...].


Fake Twain, MLK quotes spread, spark meme

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When the news broke that Osama Bin Laden had been killed, two quotes -- one credited to Mark Twain (“I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure"), the other credited to Dr.


MLK biopic deep sixed because of all the whoring

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Last week it was widely reported that Universal was dropping a planned Martin Luther King biopic (BYE-oh-pick) from Bourne director Paul Greengrass.


What Has Your Panties In A Bunch?


The Swiss Bank UBS raised an eyebrow or a million last month after it was revealed that the company was forcing its employees to adhere to a 43-page employee handbook that detailed everything about how they dress, from their glasses to their asses.


Links In Accordance With The Prophecy

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INSET PICTURE: Martin Luther King, Jr.



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Earlier this week it was announced Steven Spielberg would be producing a biopic on Martin Luther King for Dreamworks, about which the only surprising thing was that someone hadn't already made a a biopic on Martin Luther King.


Shaun Boothe – “Unauthorized Biography Of MLK & Barack Obama”

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Shaun doubled up this time around as we look back on history today and get ready to witness it tomorrow.

The Game

Notable Quotable – The Game’s “Letter To The King”

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The Word "nigger" is nothing like "nigga" Don't sound shit alike Like Game like Jigga One came before the other Like aim and pull the trigger One is slain for my brother One is hanging, take a picture The rope ain't tight enough, he still alive, go fix it Pour some gasoline on 'em, call his daughters Black bitches Make 'em pick cotton, while they momma cleaning up the kitchen The same cotton in white tees, that's the cotton they was pickin' If Dr.

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