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Eyeball Licking

A Montana Man Licked A Police Officer’s Eyeball While Resisting Arrest Outside Of ‘Pisser’s Palace’ Bar


A Montana man was put in jail after licking a police officer's eyeball outside of Pisser's Palace bar. Wait, did they say Pisser's Palace?


The Zombie Apocalypse Has Begun In Montana, Reports TV Station Prankster

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Someone in Montana hacked into the Emergency Alert System to warn that "bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living."


10 Suggestions For 'Backflips & Beatdowns 3'

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This video of motocross jumpers doing tricks over live MMA fights from last weekend's 'Backflips And Beatdowns 2' event in Billings, Montana, is making the rounds today, and while there isn't much to say other than "lol what is this dumb sh*t why is it happening" I thought I'd put together some helpful suggestions to make 'Backflips And Beatdowns 3' (date TBA) a little more engaging: 1.


Montana To Play At Montana

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Joe Montana's son, Nate Montana, decided to transfer from Notre Dame and go to the University of Montana to play some good ol' Montana-Montana football.


And You Thought Four Loko Was Bad?

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BrewDog’s Sink the Bismarck is an India Pale Ale that just went on sale in England, and before you go big whooping me, it is the strongest beer on the face of this planet.


Does Nintendo Hate Your Children?

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I still remember the Christmas morning that I got my first Gameboy, because it may have been the coolest present I ever got as a kid, aside from the GI Joe aircraft carrier.

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