French Montana Is Releasing His New Album This Week Following His Hospital Stay

French Montana had a health scare recently, as he reportedly experienced “intense nausea, stomach pain, and an elevated heart rate” before being taken to the hospital last month. After spending some time in the hospital, he recently left the ICU in good spirits. All of his social media dispatches since being in the hospital have been positive, and he’s apparently feeling so good now that he’s ready to release his new album: In a new post, he wrote that Montana is coming out this Friday (December 6).

Montana made the announcement with a photo of himself, doing shirtless push-ups in his hospital room with various wires attached to his body. He wrote, “CANT KEEP ME DOWN !! Been workin hard on my new album and I’m so proud to announce it’s coming THIS FRIDAY !!! #MONTANA. The music is keepin my spirit alive. THANK YOU to my fans, love y’all for ridin with me thru this journey.”

Montana spoke about the album previously, saying this was the first time he was able to focus on process of making an album: “As far as this album, I’m more excited that I’m able to have the right people around me to keep me grounded and help me make the best music that I can make. I never really sat anywhere and made an album before. I was always all over the place — different studios, different cities. Sitting somewhere is how I ended up with ‘Unforgettable’ and now that I can stay stable in one studio and make music it’s about to be dangerous. It’s about to be very dangerous.”