Northern Iowa’s QB Walked Around Campus And Asked People About Northern Iowa’s QB

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If you’ve never heard of the University of Northern Iowa’s quarterback Sawyer Kollmorgen, you’re not alone.


USC To Lane Kiffin: ‘Don’t Let It Hit You Where The Good Lord Split You’

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After a humiliating loss to Arizona State and a 3-2 start to this season, the USC Trojans have fired Lane Kiffin as head coach.


With Leather’s Watch This: Flare Surfing Looks Pretty Awesome (And Dangerous)


Professional surfer Bruce Irons' flare surfing routine has gotten some new life thanks to some viral GIFs of the awesome routine.


With Leather’s Watch This: Kenny Powers Is Working At A Car Rental Place


In a new clip from the first episode of the fourth season of Eastbound & Down, Kenny Powers is working in a car rental place.

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With Leather’s Watch This: Ohio University’s Rendition Of Ylvis’ ‘The Fox’ Is Pretty Good

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Anybody who listens to the FrotCast on a regular basis, and doesn’t ignore the one or two episodes that Vince allows me to be on each year, will know that we’ve been hip to the Ylvis scene for a while now.


Woman Hits Craigslist To Find Her Step-Daughter A Date For The Tennessee-Florida Game

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A stepmom posted an ad on Craigslist offering her step-daughter's extra ticket to the Tennessee-Florida game to the right gentleman caller.


Oklahoma’s Compliance Told Tony Jefferson He Couldn’t Give A Current Player Grand Theft Auto V

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Is there no end to <a href="" target="_blank">the NCAA’s barbaric rules</a>.

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With Leather’s Watch This: It’s Not All Bad News For Oklahoma Football Fans


While fans of the Oklahoma State University Cowboys are shaking their fists in rage at Sports Illustrated for possibly ruining all the fun of paid players who were getting their F on with a special team of sexy recruitment gals known as Orange Pride, Oklahoma Sooners fans have been tailgating with a porn star.


Les Miles Is Blaming The Sports Illustrated Oklahoma State Reports On Bitter Former Players

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In <a href="" target="_blank">yesterday’s rundown</a> of Oklahoma State University donor and football booster T.


Listen Up, Y’All: T. Boone Pickens Has A Problem With That Oklahoma State Story

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Sports Illustrated is currently on <a href="" target="_blank">the third day of its new series</a> that reveals some very serious accusations of cheating and deplorable ethical behavior by the Oklahoma State University football program during the years that Les Miles was the head coach.


Lane Kiffin’s Scripted Interview About USC’s Week 2 Loss Was Pretty Awful


How USC football coach Lane Kiffin still has a job, this humble and handsome fart joke maker does not know, but if he’s on the hot seat at all after the Trojans’ humiliating 10-7 loss to unranked Washington State this past Saturday, well, he either doesn’t know or doesn’t give a sh*t.

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With Leather’s Watch This: Jimmy Fallon’s Puppies Predicted That Broncos Slaughter

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I’m sure many of you are already either celebrating with your feet up or licking your deep, infected wounds over Peyton Manning’s absurd performance last night, 7 TDs and 462 yards is about the most absurd fantasy stat line that I can think of for a QB.


With Leather’s Watch This: Are You Ready For Some Football? Say Yes.


About f*cking time, says the Miami Dolphins fan who will be cursing Jeff Ireland’s name (even more than he already does right now) by week 3.


Colin Cowherd’s New Sunday Football Show Sounds So Edgy And Unique, You Guys

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Starting Sunday, Colin Cowherd will host Colin's New Football Show and take on the top NFL and NCAA Football stories in his own unique way or something.


Adam Lefkoe, My Hero, Namedrops 31 Pro Wrestlers During Louisville Cardinals Highlights

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A local news sportscaster namedropped 31 pro wrestlers during a set of Louisville Cardinals and Ohio Bobcats highlights. Sure, why not?


At Least The FAU Football Media Is Being Honest

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The fightin’ Owls of Florida Atlantic University kick off their 2013 football season tonight at 8 PM ET against the fightin’ Hurricanes of the University of Miami in what should be a very, very, very one-sided affair at Sun Life Stadium.


UNC And South Carolina Are Instate Rivals, Says Someone Who Has Never Heard Of North Or South Carolina

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When it comes to sports reporting, sometimes you can't let the little things -- like facts, or geography -- get in the way of a good story.


The Duck Dynasty Guys Are Making Duck Calls From The Remains Of Toomer’s Oaks

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Back in 2011, an Alabama fan named Harvey Updike, with sons named Crimson and Bear (ROLL TIDE), <a href="" target="_blank">was arrested for poisoning the legendary oak trees</a> at Toomer’s Corner, and earlier this year he was sentenced to at least six months in jail.

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