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Charles Pierce Just Threw A Brick At The NCAA’s Head

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The NCAA is a cartel that exploits the unpaid labor of teenagers to make obscene profits for stuffy old people in suits.


Newcastle Brown Ale’s ‘Really Good Sports Moments’ Is Charming, Weird, Made Of Legos

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I don't have a lot of reasons for this to exist, other than March Madness happening and everybody in the world doing a March Madness thing.


Judge Rules College Athletes Can Seek TV Money

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"In dismissing a motion by the NCAA to prevent football and men's basketball players from legally pursuing a cut of live broadcast revenues, a federal court judge Tuesday raised the stakes for the governing body of college sports as it defends its economic model.


Michigan Fans Went Jorting, And I Have A Fantastic New Idea For WrestleMania

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That was the announcement from @UMMaizeRage, the "official twitter of the University of Michigan Maize Rage, college basketball's most passionate and attractive student section.


So, What’d You Get For Christmas?

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This video has been seen by about a billion people since it went up on Sunday and has probably been shared everywhere from WikiHow to your Geocities homepage, but we haven't updated since Friday and don't have any cromulent UPROXX network morning links, so here you go.


Video: The Worst / Best Foul Shot You Have Ever Seen


We give you this unbelievable foul line performance from 7-0 Appalachian State center Brian Okam.


With Leather Watch This: Are You Ready For Some Turnovers?

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Our Man Burnsy's on the road today, so I'm handling the With Leather Watch This.


Failed Cincinnati Trumpet Player: Still Sounds Better Than Anything At The VMAs

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Cincinnati hosted Pitt on Thursday night, and while a 34-10 Panthers loss may seem like the biggest fail of the evening, it's got stiff competition from a Bearcats trumpet player.


Penn State University Is Changing What’s Important: Their Uniforms

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I had a lot of fun comparing the new Nebraksa Cornhuskers alternate uniforms to the jacket Kevin wears on 'Captain N: The Game Master', and Jesus, I wish I could have that kind of harmless fun with the announcement of Penn State Nittany Lions uniform changes.


Suddenly, Jerry Sandusky Is Explaining How Justice Works

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Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State defensive coach who at the very least showered with young boys, touched their legs in the showers because he's just like Forrest Gump and ended a bunch of creepy voice mail messages with "there's nothing really to hide" and "I love you", thinks it's "unjust" for PSU to be fined and punished simply because he molested boys there and everyone in charge of him covered it up to maintain the integrity of their football program.


Nebraska’s New Alternate Uniforms Are Here, And They Look Awfully Familiar

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Adidas posted a video to YouTube this morning to debut their new alternate uniforms for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, a bright red number with decorative knee-socks, those stupid gloves that make a pattern when you hold your palms out that everyone loves and nobody will wear in five years, and a gigantic black "N" on the front.


I'm A Shirtless Gopher, So Call Me Maybe


The summer of unnecessary goddamn sports-related Carly Rae Jepsen 'Call Me Maybe' covers continues.


Set Up A Quarantine: These Poor People Have ‘That Aggie Swag’

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Because nobody learned from UGA's 'The Dawgs Are Comin' For You', here's a bunch of Texas A&M's least coordinated white people doing choreographed dances to a hip-hop anthem about campus locations and semi-national burrito chains in Lawrence Knox's 'Aggie Swag'.


Bobby Petrino Wrecks Motorcycle, Hummer


I like to imagine this video was created when the Don Draper of Taiwanese Animation walked into the studio (apartment where these are put together), wiped his hand across the sky and boldly stated, "Bobby Petrino getting a blowjob on a motorcycle".

NCAA Tournament

Kentucky 67, Kansas 59: The NCAA National Championship Game In Pictures

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There was a point in the second half of last night’s NCAA men’s basketball championship game that I found myself wondering, “Hey self, is this game on track to become what most people on the Twitters will call one of the worst national championship games in recent history.

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