Ohio State’s Cardale Jones Reasonably Argues Against The NCAA With A Series Of Tweets

cardale jones
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Cardale Jones is NFL bound after a short-but-eventful career at Ohio State, wherein he carried the Buckeyes to a national title in his first three games as starter, only to lose his job midway through the next season. The combination of his lack of experience and up-and-down play means that Jones is unlikely to be picked in the first round, but he’s not sweating it.

The former Buckeye took to Twitter, his personal playground, to remind us what’s really important:

Poor spelling aside, Jones makes entirely reasonable points. The NCAA is built upon a central hypocrisy that athletes are paid in education while everyone else involved profits handsomely in actual money, and the industry around athletes’ labor has grown so much that the time and effort demands placed on them by the profiteers renders a real education irrelevant at worst, and difficult to get at best — hence all the academic fraud to keep athletes eligible. A large chunk of public voices who condemn paying student-athletes are economically invested in college athletics, meaning their slice of the pie would shrink if athletes were finally cut in.

Jones is finally free of the NCAA’s rules to make money however he chooses. He is still on Twitter, however, and while that’s good news for us, it means he is not free from random dudes arguing with him for no reason. Of course, that will only get worse once he enters the NFL, as The Shield’s supporters are notorious for being more than a little bonkers.