Wonder Woman

Here’s Why Michelle MacLaren Left ‘Wonder Woman,’ And It Involves ‘Braveheart’


New details emerged on the split between Michelle MacLaren and Warner, which incidentally debunk a rumor about 'Suicide Squad'.

Wonder Woman

Patty Jenkins Will Direct ‘Wonder Woman’ For Warner Bros.


Never mind about Angelina Jolie. Warner Bros. has hired Patty Jenkins to direct 'Wonder Woman'.


Marvel And Disney Lose Another Director

Patty Jenkins -- who directed the Oscar-winning film Monster and the pilot for Emmy winning TV series The Killing -- was signed to direct the next Thor movie after scheduling conflicts prevented Kenneth Branaugh from returning (although he's said he'd like to direct another film for Marvel).


“Thor 2″ Is Coming to Smash Your Thanksgiving in 2013

Right on the heels of the announcement that "Thor 2" has finally landed a director, Patty Jenkins, was the announcement that, um, they're pushing it back to November 2013 from July.


Thor 2 director is… huh? Who?


For Thor, Marvel made the somewhat inspired choice of Kenneth Branagh for director, a guy known mostly for making Shakespeare movies.

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