Patty Jenkins Still Insists That She’s Committed To A ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Theatrical Release

With major blockbusters like Dune, No Time to Die, and Black Widow recently abandoning their late 2020 release dates and placing the theater industry in danger of collapse, all eyes are on Wonder Woman 1984. As of this writing, the highly anticipated sequel is still set to release on Christmas Day, but there is heavy speculation that the film could follow suit and move to 2021. There’s also increased talk of a streaming release for WW84, which seems to plague every film these days, particularly after Disney rolled the dice on a premium Disney+ release of Mulan.

However, in a new interview with Reuters, director Patty Jenkins makes it clear that WW84 is committed to a theatrical release. “I don’t think any of us want to live in a world where the only option is to take your kids to watch a movie in your own living room, and not have a place to go for a date,” she said.

Jenkins concerns stems from what would happen if WW84 is pushed into next year, which would leave the rest of the 2020 release calendar virtually empty. She says a shutdown like that “could lose movie theater-going forever.” In a sentiment echoing the controversial theatrical release of Tenet, Jenkins believes WW84 could save the cinema experience. “I really hope that we are able to be one of the very first ones to come back and bring that into everyone’s life,” she said.

Jenkins has also started debunking rumors on Twitter by asserting WW84‘s commitment to theaters. In a confusingly worded tweet on Wednesday evening, Jenkins seemingly shot down a report that the film would be doing a simultaneous theatrical and VOD release similar to Bill and Ted Face the Music. But while noting that direct to streaming is “not even being discussed” for Wonder Woman, Jenkins oddly used the word correct when addressing the dual release claim. Your guess is as good as ours here.

(Via Reuters)