‘Wonder Woman’ Duo Gal Gadot And Patty Jenkins Will Reportedly Tackle A ‘Cleopatra’ Project Next

The release of Wonder Woman 1984 is still up in the air as the movie industry continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, but we already know that Patty Jenkins-led universe is expanding once movies can happen safely again. We also now know that Gal Gadot and Jenkins will continue working together on a new project.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the duo will helm a Cleopatra project once their Wonder Woman project is officially out.

Jenkins will direct the drama based on a script penned by Laeta Kalogridis, with Charles Roven of Atlas Entertainment, Gadot and Jaron Varsano of Pilot Wave Motion Pictures banner producing.

Gadot will play Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt role made famous by Elizabeth Taylor in the 1963 classic.

That Taylor-led Cleopatra was an expensive project that ultimately was the highest-grossing film of 1963. It also earned nine Oscar nominations and won four. It’s unclear if this film will be related to the other film in any way, or if it is simply covering the same subject matter and will not be a true remake.

Either way, Gadot following up Wonder Woman with a turn as Cleopatra is impressive, and under Jenkins she’s thrived both critically and commercially. Considering all the trouble the Wonder Woman sequel has had in getting to the public it’s just nice to know that more movies are coming. You know, eventually.