Pittsburgh’s Famous Primanti Bros. Is Going Nationwide With A New Sandwich Delivery Service

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You'll no longer have to venture into Pittsburgh to sample one of Primanti Bros. iconic sandwiches, all thanks to this delivery service.


No One Has Ever Been As Drunk As This Guy Was At A Luke Bryan Concert

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Luke Bryan is a party crasher; his fans crash on the sidewalk.


A Pittsburgh Elementary School Honored The Late, Great ‘Crusher’ Connor Michalek

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Connor Michalek, the 8-year old brain cancer patient who tapped out WWE's Daniel Bryan, was remembered on Thursday at his elementary school.

suspended animation

Suspended Animation Is Here! Human Trials Set To Begin.

By | 9 Comments

Doctors in Pittsburgh are ready to test an experimental suspended animation technique to treat patients with fatal traumatic injuries, like gunshot wounds.


Pittsburgh Wants To Ban Kenny Chesney After 73 Fans Of His Were Arrested During A Concert

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Country fans in Pittsburgh trashed the parking lot during a Kenny Chesney concert. BAN CHESNEY.


Bank Of Kobe

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No NBA players will be hitting up Bank of America if they're in need of loans during the lockout.


On The Set Of “The Dark Knight Rises”: Batman, Bane & The Batmobile

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Asking diehard Batman fans to wait until July 20, 2012 for The Dark Knight Rises to hit silver screens is like waiting for the day after eternity to arrive.


Pat Cavanaugh: From Pitt Captain To Captain Of Industry


Pat Cavanaugh knows all about being successful on and off the court.

Tristan Thompson

Pittsburgh recruit Khem Birch is taking over all of North America

By | 3 Comments

If you haven't noticed, Canada is starting to blow up on the basketball scene.


TSS 2010 March Madness Preview: Second Round – Day Two

By | 4 Comments

Between SXSW, this great weather most of country is experiencing and the NCAA Tournament, there haven't been many complaints around the TSS headquarters.


Pitt’s Ashton Gibbs Silences Providence At The Buzzer

By | 3 Comments

This past summer, we had Pitt's Ashton Gibbs as one of Team USA's 5 Breakout Stars after their U19 Gold Medal victory in the FIBA World Championships.


5 things to think about when filling out your NCAA bracket

By | 27 Comments

Whether you've got just one empty Big Dance bracket staring back at you or five, here's a few pointers before you put that crucial $20 on the line: 1.

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