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LeVar Burton Takes A Moment To Read ‘Go The F*ck To Sleep’

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LeVar Burton is all about reading, especially for charity, but this choice of book is quite special.

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‘Tweeting Rainbow’ Is LeVar Burton Proving That He Isn’t Stopping With Just ‘Reading Rainbow’


LeVar Burton had some great success with 'Reading Rainbow' on Kickstarter, but now he's eying up a new project: 'Tweeting Rainbow.'


Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Closes With $5.4 Million In Donations, Setting A Record For Backers

By | 6 Comments

LeVar Burton's 'Reading Rainbow' goals have been met in record breaking fashion. But is this truly where it will end?


Seth MacFarlane Wants To Ensure LeVar Burton’s ‘Reading Rainbow’ Dream Comes True

By | 29 Comments

Seth MacFarlane is out to make you feel bad for hating on him by helping LeVar Burton and 'Reading Rainbow' reach more kids.


LeVar Burton’s New ‘Reading Rainbow’ Theme Song Is Unexpectedly Disturbing

By | 21 Comments

LeVar Burton's Reading Rainbow is ready to reboot. Here's a look at the new theme song.


Watch LeVar Burton’s Tearful Reaction To His ‘Reading Rainbow’ Kickstarter Raising $1 Million

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LeVar Burton reacts to his Reading Rainbow campaign raising $1 million, and gives a tearful thank you.


Levar Burton’s ‘Reading Rainbow’ Kickstarter Has Made $1 Million In One Day

By | 17 Comments

Levar Burton and the team at 'Reading Rainbow' have already met their goal on Kickstarter in one day!


'Reading Rainbow' Is Not A F**king Game

By | 10 Comments

The theme to PBS's 'Reading Rainbow' gets mashed-up with a bunch of barking and yelling by DMX. This is why the Internet was invented.


Humpday Mashup Dump


Featured mashup videos of the week, including Michael Fassbender as James Bond, Reading Rainbow's Naked Lunch, Doctor Who IRL, and more.


Every Episode Of 'Reading Rainbow' Is Now Available On YouTube, And It Also Has An App


You've probably been wondering, "Where the heck can I find me some Reading Rainbow.



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Last August, we were all heartbroken when "Reading Rainbow" aired its final episode, marking the end of its 26-year run.

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