'Reading Rainbow' Is Not A F**king Game

Here is what’s going to happen: I am going to post this video someone made of the Reading Rainbow intro remixed with clips of DMX yelling and growling during all the pauses. I am going to do it, mainly, out of principle. I love all of DMX’s hyper-aggressive barking and “WHATS” and “COME ONS,” and all his various inclinations of explaining whether it is or is not in fact a game, and I love the idea of dropping those things into a sweet theme song to a beloved children’s series about the joys of reading. There is not a high degree of difficulty on this mash-up. All the pieces are already there.

That said, this kind of let me down. It’s still funny, don’t get me wrong, but it feels like they went to the n-word well a little too frequently — for shock value or whatever — when there was no need for it. You’ve already got a gravely-voiced rapper literally barking at people and challenging them to “come on” over a video of children being enchanted by magical rainbows and butterflies. That’s plenty. No need to gild the lily, people.

via GorillaMask