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The Al Capone Estate


Sixty-five years after the mobster's death, Al Capone's Miami Beach estate is for sale.

#Star Wars

$5.5 Million Home Has ‘Star Wars’ Bar


Zillow's "House of the Week" is a home for sale in Indiana that comes complete with a 5,000 square foot ballroom, pillars valued at $125,000 apiece, a lower level with a Chicago underground theme, an Olympic-size swimming pool, and a 'Star Wars' bar featuring authentic memorabilia and  life-size figures.


Future Headlines: Ryan Howard Takes Huge Hit On $23 Million Mansion

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When Ryan Howard first injured his Achilles at the end of Game 5 of last year’s NLDS, the Philadelphia Phillies hoped that his surgery and recovery would land him back in the lineup sometime around May.


Yabba Dabba Do You Want Dick Clark's Flintstones House?

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You know how every year, leading up to New Year's Eve, we're treated to the same barrage of ads about Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve and an even greater bombardment of jokes about how he's been hosting these shows since the Stone Age.


For Just $20 Million, You Can Own Your Favorite Baseball Player’s House


Here’s a fun little factoid for you crazy sports fans out there: athletes tend to buy really expensive houses.

Steam Punk

Steampunk Apartment Achieves Unprecedented Levels of Whimsy

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If you remember my<a href=""> Comic-Con photo galleries</a>, you know that steampunk is pretty much my favorite thing.


The Dude’s house is for sale. For $3 million.

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Hollywood tends to play fast and loose with the realities of real estate, where supposedly lower to lower-middle class fictional families constantly find themselves living in what would be million dollar homes in the real world.

Real Estate

Sheen Selling Sober Valley Lodge

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Hey everybody, remember Charlie Sheen.


Just How Dirty Is Your Hotel Room?


The fine people at Trip Advisor have released their 2011 list of the dirtiest hotels in America, based on the online recommendations - or in this case terrible criticisms - by the poor souls who have had to find out the hard way.


City Blues: Meet Real Estate


<a href=""> The ability for art to transport an audience to a different place has always been one of its biggest draws. But sometimes, it’s a lot simpler then seeing an entirely distant world. Around this time last year, I found myself spinning the self-titled debut from New Jersey surf-rock band <a href="">Real Estate</a> on repeat.

Real Estate

Seven Items To Leave Behind When You Move

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Recently, my hetero life partner and I decided that it was time for us to move locations from our previously inhabited dingy, Los Angeles-based porn hub to yet another, yet slightly brighter (this time even larger) L.

Real Estate

Inside Nic Cage’s “frat house bordello”

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Nic Cage's mansion in Bel Air was recently foreclosed on when it turned out<a href="" target="_blank"> that dinosaur skulls and albino king cobras</a> actually don't appreciate in value as much as was previously thought.

Volume 10

“The Good Earth…”

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During the holidays & when you return back to work, some of the first questions people is "How were your holidays.

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